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3 year anniversary - blogging


It’s my 3 year anniversary of blogging.  Wow!


I started this blog as a way to record and remember what is going on in our lives.  I had just gone back to work after Alex was born and wanted some way to “capture” what was happening with him and our new family.  Things were moving so fast and I felt like I would forget it if I didn’t put it down somewhere.  I tried scrapbooking for a while and learned that it wasn’t for me - I needed something more real-time and current with what was happening then.  If I waited too long, I lost my motivation.    I started a blog and learned that it was easy for me and I loved it!  I have blogged about starting solid foods, being a Mom, sleeping, new words to add to the dictionary, teething, hairstyles, my own poem about pumping, remodeling, ear tubes, layoffs, cooking, gardening, Halloween, The beach, dancing with elmo, a carrot, an egg, and a cup of coffee, ER visits, pregnancy announcements, hope, birth announcements, birth stories just to name a few. 


A few stats from the last 3 years:


First post: August 30th, 2007

# of posts to date: 431

# of posts in 2007: 73

# of posts in 2008: 134

# of posts in 2009: 121

# of posts in 2010: 98 year to date

most popular post: Baby Phoebe, Part 2

2nd most popular post: 4 generations

# of absolute individual visitors: 1,031

# of total visits: 8,469

Day with most visitors/#: 37 visitors

# of countries: 34 (everything from USA to Norway, Pakistan, Cambodia, Japan, Argentina, Italy, Australia, and many more)

pages/visit: 1.27

average time on site: 33 seconds


Traffic sources over the last 3 years: 70% direct, 7% referring sites (facebook) and 13% search engines (google)

Traffic sources over the last 3 months: 55% direct, 38% referring sites and 6% search engines


Most searched keywords to get to my blog: allison torgesen (306 times), torgesen family times (146 times), toregsen family times (71 times) (misspelled last name), torgesen family times blog (16 times), torgesen family, torgesen, and a few others.


Visitor Loyalty: WOW!  Most of my visitors are repeat visitors! 

Most visits repeated: 201+ times

Count of visits from this visitor including current Visits that were the visitor's nth visit Percentage of all visits
1 times 1,015.00
2 times 298.00
3 times 182.00
4 times 148.00
5 times 120.00
6 times 111.00
7 times 99.00
8 times 93.00
9-14 times 487.00
15-25 times 653.00
26-50 times 1,001.00
51-100 times 1,269.00
101-200 times 1,400.00
201+ times 3,642.00



It’s been so fun for me to blog our weekend updates, our funny stories, our ups and downs.  Here’s to the next 3 years!


Cheers – and thanks for reading!