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What's better than....

An Ice Cream Sandwich on a hot day?

Not much!

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Curls...glorious curls

Alex didn't really have much hair until he was about 18 months old, but now there are some wonderful curls on top of that head of his. His hair has turned into this wonderful blonde color with a hint of red. It's more red sometimes, other times more white blonde - it depends on the lighting. Right now, it's getting pretty long, and I've considered cutting it. But, I love those curls!

What do you think? Trim the curls or leave the curls?

Leave me a comment on which one I should do!

p.s. it's easy - just find the comment link at the bottom of this post and click on it. You don't have to sign up for anything, just use the anonymus choice, but leave me your name (otherwise I don't know who you are!)

5 years ...

Wow - where does the time go?
Five years has flown by and we've had our share of tough times and our share of wonderful times. Thank goodness for financial advisors! We've bought a beautiful house that we love working on, we have a very lively little boy who always reminds us of how cute he is and how special life is. Although this last year has been pretty rough with 2 layoffs, we are learning that we are strong and we are getting through this together.
Happy Anniversary Honey!
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This time last year

Wow - how much Alex has changed in this last year! He has SOOOO much hair now! Still loves the fudge-sicle! He's quite a bit more mischievous now, and even loves watermelon more! He'll eat so much that he could eat an entire meal of watermelon.

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farell mcwhirter park

Who doesn't love some pics of baby animals?

and a little man who likes to hide in the trees?

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A day at the beach

We've been enjoying the beach so much this summer, and what a nice warm sunny summer it's been! If you remember WAY back to my new years resolutions 9-resolutions-for-2009 - we wanted to have a lot of fun at the beach this year.

What a BEAUTIFUL view of Mt. Rainier. We always take it for granted around here (or do we?)... but, when it's out and on such a stunning day - how could I not snap a picture?
Alex is getting much more (even more?) adventurous with touching things at the beach - here he is touching a crab.

I realize that there aren't many photos of me - so I've been trying to make a point to ask Lance to get me in some of the shots as well.

Alex holding a crab - all by himself!
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What we did this last week

Beautiful views of Mt. Rainer

Drawing with caulk on the driveway

Playing with a big dump truck in the grass

The bridge finally finished. Doesn't it look great?
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Happy 4th of July!

We played all weekend at the beach - sun, sun, sand and sun!
Lance's cousin and family from Minnesota were out to enjoy the wonderful Seattle weather - drove 2 days each way just to stay for 2.5 days! They've never been here when it's been cloudy and cool!
Below is Savannah and Alex digging for a clam on the beach - they got 3 horse clams dug by hand!

Alex carrying the bucket with the clams - heavy!

Savannah with one of the clams.

Alex and his sandcastle - he played with that sand castle for at least 1.5 hours. He would find a sanddollar and put it on the sandcastle and cover it with more sand. It was such a lovely day - with a wonderful view of Mt. Rainer in the backdrop.

I even went kayaking with Bella and it was glorious!
Happy 4th of July everyone!
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bunny ears and a look at the scar

The bunny ears are just for fun!

It is really looking A LOT better. Hopefully some vitamin E oil will really help it diminish... any other tips to help scars fade away?
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Building a bridge

During the summer of "if it's free - we'll do it" - - - we (meaning Lance) took on an amazing project where we dug a creek bed and lined it with rocks. Basically a hand dug ditch, in some places as wide as 4-5 feet, others are only 2-3 feet wide with nice curves that follow the land. We uncovered some french drains to help with our soggy back yard and cleaned them out, hopefully making them work better. We took rocks from other parts of our property and hauled them to our newly created "dry creek bed" and it was really lovely.
It did really help with some parts of our soggy back yard and it was TOTALLY free!
Fast foward a couple of years and now we have a little boy who loves walking over the dry creek bed to get to the other side with the big stump and lots of things to explore.
So we decided to build a bridge! Not just any bridge, but a sexy curved bridge! It was Lance's design and I think it really came out wonderfully. Alex not only loves bridges right now, but he loved helping his Daddy build it!

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