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baby gate

We installed a new baby gate in our house this weekend. It's in the hallway between the front part of the house and the back - between the downstairs bathroom and kitchen.
We are dealing with a HIGHLY mobile little man and he loves.loves.loves. going around the corner to get into all sorts of trouble (i.e. dogfood, dogwater, toilet, the door-donger by the garage door, the blind strings, etc).

So, a neighbor of ours gave us this wonderfully free gate - and it was sitting in the garage for a while. We decided on a hardware mounted gate for the bottom of the stairs. But, I've got to tell ya - this one isn't bad! It's tension mounted and is easy for us to open and to keep him out of trouble. It was the right prices (ha!) and easy to install/un-install.

How can you go wrong?

We also had to install the dreaded cabinet locks. Now Daddy and Mama are getting used to it and our little man hasn't even noticed. We had a vision of the future when a 14 mo old was at our house this weekend and she was in the garbage in 2 seconds flat - chewing on some eggs shells before we could even blink. We had the cabinet locks already - but, now we could see that we would need them installed fast!

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We had pancakes this weekend
and guess who ate 3 pancakes???
MMM, this is so tasty...

Going, going...

Dad! More please!
It is so much fun to watch him eat now. He has learned the pincher grip and picks up little pieces of food with his thumb and first finger - makes it to him mouth and then ... let's the food go into his mouth! Although, some still ends in his lap - he is doing very well at feeding himself.
We have a good-eatin' boy!
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We had some friends over this weekend with thier lovely 14 month old - Alli. Alex and Alli had a super fun time, except for one bite incident. That's a story for another day.

Well, I guess your kid can't be absolutely perfect in every way all the time!!!

One thing I've heard from other parents and books is to teach your kid how to go down stairs backwards. Lance and I tried this about a month ago and we thought Alex was just too little to start to learn this.

Maybe he wasn't ready -but, he's ready now!

Alli came upon our one step down into the living room and was taught very well by her parents (Hi Becky and Eric!) to go down backwards. It seemed like she was a little confused at first since it was only one step down and there is a wide space to the side of the step. She caught on really fast to our house configuration and was going up and down so well.

So, Lance and I decided to try again with trying to teach Alex about going backwards.

It worked! His little brain is ready to absorb the concept of going backwards! I'm so amazed at the changes in just the last month.

His little brain was working and his little legs and rear end... but, sometimes he doesn't quite get his legs all the way around and backwards ends up a little more sideways than necessary. We are always there to catch him, though!

We are also working on going backwards off our bed so that maybe (just maybe) we don't have to watch him every second when he's taking a nap in our bed.

So much fun!

camo snow suit

Since it's snowed at our house and we were given this lovely camo snow suit - we just had to try it out.

How cute is he?

We'll test it outside tonight with the 4 inches of snow we have!

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Remember when...

This picture was taken in Feb 2007.
Little did we know that Alex would be born about 6 weeks later. We thought he wouldn't be born for about 12 more weeks - but, I guess, that is what Pre-eclampsia will do to you. It's funny... the Jan 2007 (6mo) photo of me - I was totally puffy. This (7mo) Feb photo actually looks pretty good and not puffy.
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Sleep update and how Alex will seep in funny positions...

The update
I am feeling much better - funny how more sleep seems to bring you right back to life!
Lance is more sleepy since he takes care of Alex most nights between ~2am to 6 am
Alex is actually sleeping better!!! For 2 nights in a row and a few nights last week he has only woke around 1:30-2 am for a bottle and then back to sleep until 5-6am! This is HUGE progress and we are very excited. He did have 2 nights in there that were pretty hard, maybe due to teething or getting a cold, etc.
We are starting a nighttime routine (I know... I know... I should've done this months ago - but, it's difficult when I'm working, so tired and just want some time with my boy before he goes to sleep). 8:00-8:15 read with Dad, 8:15-8:30 snuggle with Mom, and nurse if he wants, with lights out ( boring- we've realized that when he gets bored - he can sleep like in the carseat). Hopefully fall asleep by 8:30. So far, 2 nights have worked wonderfully. I was getting really worried about how much he would sleep in any one day. ~9 hours at night, 45 mintutes x 2 to and from daycare, 30 minutes at daycare = ~11 hours. This is definately on the lower end of what babies his age usually sleep.
He has only been nursing at night to go to sleep, sometimes in the morning before he goes off to daycare - and that's it. It seems like the endless nighttime nursing is over. He does still seem hungry in the middle of the night, though, so we do still feed him one 5-6 oz bottle. It seems to knock him right out.
Now for the funny places Alex does pass out. He slept like this while Dad watched tv for about 1.5 hours.
Bottom line is that since Alex is sleeping better - I think we are all feeling better. Lance isn't feeling so sleepy, I'm not so sleepy and Alex is just his usual smiley social self at daycare (even though he only takes 30 min nap!)
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a few super-cool things Alex is doing now

Waving - he waves with his arm and wrist and sometime with his fingers. I'm not sure he's connected it to hello and goodbye - but, he sure likes doing it. Especially when someone does it to him!

"Touchdown" - We have tought him to raise up both hands when we say touchdown. A friend of mine told me they did this with their kid and how much fun it was. Alex certainly loves doing "Touchdown" in the highchair or at any other time when you say "Touchdown!" It took him a while to do this one - we did it a lot at home but nothing. All of a sudden, he started doing it and we told daycare that Alex has a new "trick" - they said, yeah, they've been seeing that but they didn't know what it meant. So, when he did it at daycare they would say "Ta-Da!".

Da-da-da, Ma-ma-ma - I think he's getting closer to understanding what Daddy means and what Mama means. We play a game - Where's Daddy and Where's Mama? and he has fun with that. It's probably right around the corner that he'll make the connection. How wonderful is that?

Walking - I know - I know - it's crazy early (10 months old?) - but, he loves to M.O.V.E. He is fully standing now and will take a few steps now and then. He definately has the side-cruising down pat - and now has started doing a one-armed front walking version of cruising that I think is helping him learn to walk. One of my friends told me about the Boo Boo Bunnie (or Boo Boo Buddy) since now he'll be getting even more falls, scraps and bruises. Thanks Julie for the wonderful tip!

Ticklish feet - it's fun to tickle his feet when he is sitting somewhere and you can get your tickle finger on his foot before he knows what happened. His little legs wiggle and move trying to get away from the tickle. Then, move to the other foot. Repeat. Great fun!

summer kayaking


Where is summer when you need it?

The warm sun on your skin and a soft breeze in the air. A dog on your lap and a kayak out in the sound. A dog? Yes, Bella joined me on this kayak trip from summer of 2006 in the south sound near Gig Harbor. We had a great time!

I can't wait to take Alex to this same beach and let him play in the sand this summer!

I have noticed that it isn't completely dark when I leave work at 4:30 PM to head home! Lighter, Lighter, Lighter! I want light!
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Tonight will be the 5th night of a new way of nighttime parenting in the Torgesen household.


For 9 ½ months now, I have been doing most (99%?) of the nighttime work. My wonderful husband, Lance, has been there for me, though, when I needed it most and understood completely when I just, in the middle of the night with a crying baby in my arms, just hand him over and walk away without saying a word.

In a few words….

But, time to step up even further.

A new day has dawned. I’m there – at the end of my sleep rope and have realized a few things:

1). Alex isn’t getting ANY better at sleep and is, in fact, getting worse. There are many reason for this, but some could be teething, walking skills, reinforcement of waking up every few hours….
2). The lack of sleep is affecting me quite a bit at work (i.e. missing words in sentences, being in a fog all the time)
3). Although I love having Alex sleep with us, I’m ready for him to sleep longer (hopefully all night), but, if it takes moving him out – I am ready to do this.
4). Through any combination of nurture vs. nature – Alex needs to be touching a person to fall asleep and wakes every 1-3 hours for any number of reasons and needs parenting to get back to sleep.

So, like I said above - - - a new day has dawned.

Here’s the plan: Lance and I split the night. I was going for an every other night thing – but, Lance felt like he couldn’t deal with taking care of Alex for one whole night. Lance takes the first shift to sleep while I take care of Alex from 9PM-1:30AM and then Lance takes care of Alex and I sleep from 1:30-6AM.

I actually have to physically move to another room because me just being there means he will come to me and I won’t be able to sleep, Alex won’t learn a new way of sleeping and Lance won’t “volunteer” to take care of him.

When talking to his pediatrician this past week – she gave me advice on what she did when something similar was happening with her son who also slept with her. She would say to him “It’s dark outside and time to go to sleep – no nursing” and then roll over. The husband would have to settle the baby back down and she said it took about a week of doing this for it to work. Babies at this age understand more than you think. She said that before you know it her son slept longer and learned that it’s not OK to nurse all night and that night time was for sleeping.

I’m also worried about how much sleep he’s getting (let alone how much I’m getting!). Babies at his age should be sleeping 11-14 hours a day between night time and day time naps.

Well, our little mover maybe sleeps from 9PM to 6AM (9 hours) and most of the time takes naps in the car to and from daycare (30-45 min each way = 1-1.5hr) and sometimes 2-3 naps at daycare which seem to be 20-40 min long (40min-2hr). So, this equals ~11 hours on the short side to 12.5 hours on the long side. So, it seems like he might be getting enough sleep but, at night, waking up every 1-3 hours is killing me and can’t be good for him, either.

Little brains need lots of deep rest to grow. And Mama brains need rest to be able to work all day and bring home the bacon.

I’m not mad, angry or frustrated (which actually surprises me!) but I am ready for change. I need change, too. I need to sleep for some reasonable amount of hours per night and need to function better during the day. I need to sleep!

Lance is having to really step up and have some very different sleep than he has for the past 9 ½ months. I think he now knows how I can answer “I don’t know” to the question of “How many times did he get up last night?”


But, hopefully getting better!

Updated 9 mo stats

See the box to your right. :)


We went sledding on Friday December 29th just past Greenwater on your way up to Mt. Rainier. It is very close to Enumclaw - where we were going to stay at my Mom's house so Lance could work on the bookshelves he and Steve are building.
Lance got Alex a sled for Christmas and has been itching to test it out. We didn't really have anything for Alex to wear (no snow suit) so we just bundled him up and set him in the sled.

He loved the ride and was smiling most of the time until it seemed he got a little cold and his jaw started shaking. No more smiles - just a frozed rosy cheeked boy.

At the end - Alex stuck his hand outside of the sled and reached his hand in the snow - what a surpise he got! Icy cold snow!
Fun was had by All : I got to take pictures, Lance got to take Alex sledding and Alex got to sled in the snow for the very first time.
Here's to many more times in the future!
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2nd day of work/school in 2008

1st day of sick time used

Alex had to come home on the first day back around 2 pm! He had a 101.7 degree fever which we thought was just caused by teething. He's been drooling and chewing on everthing again. But, he now has a stuffy nose and a bit of diahrria. Only one so far! The daycare limit is 3!

I get 10 days of sick time - today = 9 days left for the rest of 2008.

9 days left/12 months = 0.75 day/month (doesn't seem like enough???)

fixing the vacuum with Dad

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Garden D'Lights

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