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teddy bear picture - 16mo

16 months - isn't the smile great? When I take out the camera now - he smiles.

12 months

1 month

What a big boy!
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Alex's first kiss

Alex's first kiss from an "older" woman... oh la la
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Another ear infection = tubes?

Another ear infection


Happening during the Summer months (not ear season I guess)

No colds preceeding the infections


Not good responses to antibiotics - at all! (often 2-3 rounds before it works)


= tubes?

Well, I don't know yet.

He just got a shot today of "the big guns" antibiotic and will get checked in 2 weeks. After that, we will go see an Ear-Nose-Throat Specialist to see whats up.
No fun.

Camping - Banks Lake

This last week we went camping at Steamboat Rock State Park - and what a is a great park it is! It was a wonderful time camping and Alex did much better than we expected. Lance learned that he isn't 18 anymore, we were able to catch up with Lance's cousin and his family, and we were able to get away from it all for a little while.

Here are some pictures I took of the beautiful scenery.

We arrived on a Tuesday (we're camping with all teachers!) and it was HOT HOT HOT. After packing up in the morning and being in the air conditioned car - we arrived at ~3PM and it felt like 100 degrees! We set up our camp and let Alex play in the tent a bit (a fabulous tip from a friend). It was so hot that night that we didn't even have a fire for smores - one of my favorite things while camping.
On Wednesday morning at 7am (to beat the heat and since we were already up at the crack of dawn anyways) we hiked to the top of Steamboat Rock! It was only 1.5 miles and really wasn't hard at all. It looks really really tough - but it's really really not. Lance carried Alex up on the backpack and he did great! He even fell asleep on the way down!

Alex took about 10 years of my life - right off the top. If I was going to live to 90 years old - well then, I will only live to 80.

As we were on top of Steamboat Rock - he started running for the edge of the rock. Sheer cliff down 800 feet, or so. Nothing that big - Mom!

He loves running down hills and rolling and falling down - he giggles and laughs.


Even though it wasn't really close - it was too close for me and my mind went all the way. It was so scary for me. Lance says he wasn't that scared, because from his perspective he could see how far there was.

Here is a picture of them - near the edge, before the above incident.

After hiking on Wednesday, we took the boat to a secluded beach and just played in the water. We had a lot of fun with inflatables that Lance's cousin brought and this is where Lance learned he wasn't 18 anymore. He went tubing, knee boarding, etc and was sore for 5 days afterward. Not just sore - but, can't even touch certain muscles sore. I even took the tube for a spin - for the first time in probably 15 - 20 years!

God - I feel old all of a sudden!

We went with Lance's cousin, Kent, and his family (wife Gretchen and 14 mo old daughter Gwen). Here is a picture of Alex giving Gwen a hug. He is such a hugger!

Alex loved driving the boat! It was his favorite thing to do by far. When we had to go home, he had to say "bye-bye" to the boat many many many times. And cried, and cried. He wanted to drive the boat all day long. He said "I'll just drive the boat home - just leave me in the back".

And a picture showing what "bad" parents we are...

"drinking" and driving ...while boating! We sure are getting this kid off to a bad start!

On Thursday we did go find a beautiful beach and played in the water. The wind was much stronger that day and Alex took a turn for the worse. We can always tell when he's not feeling good when he doesn't eat. He spiked a fever, was sleeping (shocking - I know!) and wasn't eating much. We could tell he was sick. After a pretty rough morning - we decided to pull up camp and just go home. We arrived home on Thursday night around 8pm and THANK GOD! Because that night was not the night to be camping.

Throw up.

All over his bed.

Our little sick boy is much better now - so have no fear.

All in all - good first camping trip. Only to get better and easier. I hope.

More last summer in July

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Last summer in July

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Sign language "More"

Here is a (not-so-good) picture of what Alex is signing "more". He points his pointer finger at the middle palm of the other open hand.

It's not what you'll typically see in the fancy baby sign language books - but it works. Here is what you would typically see - pulling the hands back and forth.

He learned this at daycare - can you believe that? It usually goes along with him saying "Mo" "Mo". It means that he wants more of whatever you are feeding him, or, if it's not during a meal/snack then it means he wants something to drink, preferably milk. Did you know that we go through 2 gallons a week of milk just for Alex? He loves to drink milk!

What a complex thought.... I want more food. I want something to drink. It's just amazing to me what he is learning.

We are trying to now do much more signing to him. We are doing Milk (just like milking a cow), Eat (like your putting something in your mouth) to be more specific.


Maybe we should add Please and Thank you.


Thank you

Or maybe one for earache. (Pointing with both pointer fingers at the ear). BTW - he has a clean bill of health (for now) on his ear infections. Only 2 rounds of antibiotics, this time.


We are thoroughly enjoying our new found communication - we can actually know what he wants and needs. It was also difficult, since we didn't have anything for him to drink this Sunday while running errands, and he kept signing for milk. Bad parents.
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Remodel - during

Our new doorway - the old one was removed and will become a storage area in the bathroom. This was one of those "unplanned" things that happen during a remodel. One of those things you don't totally see coming until the contractor can see what is behind all the sheetrock.

Our closet with the new walls - moved about 9" in. Can you tell? We can't. We decided on an IKEA storage closet system. It will look something like this below. Not exactly - since it's totally customizable. But, close. How cool is that! We won't have to use 3 dressers anymore!

The new storage closet area where Lance will build some simple shelving that will match our new vanity cabinet for some open storage. We will store linens, towels and use baskets for the rest.

AND.... the new shower - well, at least part of it - you can't fit this big of a shower in one photo! We had them move the shower plumbing fixtures up about 8" since we are so tall. No more ducking down to get your head in the water.
Things are moving along quite nicely - the mudding and taping are happening today and Tuesday with the new vanity cabinet going in on Thursday. Then on to tile....

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Happy 4th of July!

We enjoyed 4th of July at Grandma Judy's and took this nice picture to commemorate the event. We played on the beach, ate wonderful food, and played with the grandparents. Alex played bubbles with Grandma and Grandpa fed him a bottle and played on a big bouncy ball with him. He was so tired at the end of the day!

He even fell (big shocker!) on the deck and fell on his lip! He had a big fat lip and although it looks bad - it was OK and will go away soon.

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Fudgesicle yummy-ness

How do we beat the 95+ degree heat around here?

The answer: The Fugdesicle. Not only is it cold and chocolate, but it's low in fat unlike those darn ice cream cones covered in chocolate and peanuts (my weakness) or just the plain chocolate covered ice cream bars. (YUMMM!). The Fudgesicle gives you the satisfaction of a chocolatey treat - with less guilt.

It was so stinkin' hot here last weekend that we were doing anything to stay cool. Playing in the pool - finding the shade and moving where ever it went and eating lots of fudgesicles.

Alex was very interested when Dad would eat his Fudgesicle and would want some. Usually, he gets a first lick and it shocks him a bit because it's so cold. But, not when it's 95+ degrees! He bit right down and, although Dad ate most of the Fudgesicle, he ate his fair share.

He even has a little Fudgesicle goatee!
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