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Fall soccer


We signed Alex up for 2 soccer leagues this fall – yes, you read that right.  2


One on Saturdays and one on Tuesdays.  It was a bit of a miscommunication on both of our parts.  Lance signed him up for soccer on Saturdays since that is what we did last year and we had a ton of fun.  I signed him up for Tuesdays since a neighbor had recommended it and when I looked into it, it looked like a great league, it would be a small group of kids from his school & grade, and you can continue in the league (if you want to) all the way up to high school and adult leagues.  We just kinda did it, and then learned later than he was going to do soccer twice a week.


He is having so much fun. 


The Saturday soccer isn’t quite as fun as last year, as this year it’s 5 & 6 year olds.  There are 5 kids on each team, so a lot of kids out on the field.  But, his best friend Zach is on another team and they actually played each other 2 times already!  What a lovely surprise!


Tuesday nights are really fun!  It’s a team of only 6 boys (boys only team) and they are all under 6 (U6).  They are legit – they even had to check his birth certificate to check his age!  Three boys are out on the field for the “game” at any time, so there is lots of contact with the ball.  It’s all about fun and learning a tiny bit about soccer.  The coach is fabulous and the league is really great.  There is a ton of support for the coaches, which is fabulous!  The coaches goal this year is to just have so much fun that each and every boy wants to come back next year.  What a great goal!



First: Tuesday night pictures  - the Warriors


















Now Saturday morning pictures – the Wildcats!











Best recent photos


I have to admit something – each and every day – I get a little bit more behind.  1 step forward, 2-3-4-5-6 steps back.  It is a HUGE task just to stay neutral right now, not backwards at least, but not even thinking I can get ahead a bit.


At least that is how I’m feeling right now with 2 kids, a full time job that is pretty demanding right now (and no signs of slowing), and all the things that should/need/want/can get done – just can’t.  I’m having to make hard choices every day about sleep vs. everything else.  The only way I seem to “get things done” is to do it after the kids go to bed.


Last Friday night – I went to bed at 8:45 PM exhausted.  I already know I can’t do it all (I learned that a while ago) – but, I feel like I can’t even make any headway lately.  Thankfully, I’ve gotten past some of the major Mom guilt and feel really comfortable doing some things for me, like 6 AM yoga, zumba classes and photography workshops, but these choices do have a price. Every choice has a price.  Fun adult/parent stuff post today, huh?


So, instead I will just post some random photos that I thought turned out really good over the past couple of weeks.  I hope you enjoy!




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My 49ers



Yes, yes, yes.  It’s football season again.  There goes my husband, and now both kids, every Sunday until February…





For Grandma Sandy

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First day of school


A great day was had by all. 


Slightly emotional for me, but great overall.  We were so proud of him and he was so brave.  He had no problems getting on the bus, or at any point during the day.  Even when we left.  He was fine.  I could tell he was a little nervous, because right before we left, he knew we were going to leave and he came and gave me the biggest hug, a real genuine hug. 


What I can tell you is that we were waiting and waiting and waiting for the bus and it was ~15 minutes late.  But, once it got there – it only seemed like 5 seconds and they were off.  I got a few photos, but it went really fast.  We drove to the school and got there before the bus got there (they had more stops to do) and met him there.  We walked him to his “line up spot” and then walked him to class with his teacher.  And before you know it – we were leaving.  Again, fast.  Waiting and waiting and waiting – and then really really really fast. 


At pick up tonight he was building Lincoln Logs houses and having a great time.  He told us all about his day and he’s excited to go back tomorrow.  We are so proud of him.


Sara had a great day too.  She has the same teachers, who are wonderful, so things were very familiar for her (thank goodness!).  She kept asking about “where brother?”, at kindergarten.  “where kindergarten?”, at Alex’s school.  “where brother’s kindergarten?”, at his school.  repeat, repeat, repeat.  She had a little bit of a hard time when I was leaving her at preschool and needed some extra hugs, totally normal for a week off.  Although,  I think she knew that something was different.  There was no brother at her school anymore.  And she knew it.  I think she really loved having him close by and seeing him on the playground. 


And now – on to pictures…




First day of kindergarten and preschool (10)-blog


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And last, but not least – a picture of me holding him and him wrapping his legs and arms around me.  It was wonderful to see him this evening. 


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~925 weeks


Tonight on the eve of the first day of kindergarten, I hope I’ve done enough, been enough, experienced enough, soaked in enough and loved you enough.  Because tomorrow morning is a new beginning for you, and for  all of us.  They say that there are ~925 weeks in childhood (~18 years) and it feel like the first 260 went so fast.  What they also say is true – the days are long but the years are fast. 


Wasn’t it just yesterday that we brought you home from the hospital?  Wasn’t it just yesterday that we knew that the nickname Spunky was exactly the right one?  Wasn’t it just yesterday that we are finally able to keep up with your outgoing-ness and end-less energy?  (oh, yeah – it did seem like just yesterday….)















But, here you are at 5 1/2 years old – ready to start your day tomorrow. 


This is now my boy who I still pick up and hold and hug like he was only 2 or 3 years old.  Why?  Well, partly because I still can (and ~50 lbs is no small feat, my friends, and 10 times his birth weight), and partly because he still needs it sometimes, partly because he still really likes it (and so do I) and partly because he still lets me.  I know someday soon, it will not happen anymore and I’ll be sad.  You wrap your arms around my and your legs are so long and strong, they wrap around my waist and I barely have to hold on.  I just have to prop you up on my forearms.  This is also the spot where we need to have our heart-to-hearts and express our feelings when they bubble over into tears and hurt out. 


(I don’t have a picture of me holding Alex like this – note to self – get one tomorrow before the walk to the bus stop…. sniff, sniff)


This is now my boy, who is so naturally athletic and curious – he will try anything – even paddle boarding – even though it was a-little-tiny-bit-to0-scary to go too deep for a while, but then was out in the “deep” water no problem in the matter of about an hour.  Confident and doing it all by himself.  This is like all things sports/athletics for him: basketball, T-ball, soccer, tennis, swimming, etc.  My active sporty boy.



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This is also now my boy, who takes his sister (convinces her with his confidence) to let him take her for a ride, and they have a blast (it’s pretty shallow here though…. just for Mama’s sake!).


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This is my ham of a boy – who still makes up fun silly things to do all the time.  And asks me to take a picture so he can then see the photo of himself on the back of the camera.  He also likes me to do this with taking movies.  Oh- I love this boy!


Alex with a stick in his mouth (2)-blog


He also still runs through the sprinkler with me on hot days with full gusto!


Funny story – before Sara was born, Alex and I went to a playdate with 2 other moms and 3 other kids all around the same age, actually I think Alex may have been the youngest.  Alex and two of the kids were just having a blast.  Laughing and playing, and rolling on the ground, full belly laughs.  The mom of the quiet boy asked me – are you going to get a video of this?   I said no, but asked why?  Well, if her son were to do this, it would be very rare and she would want to capture the pure childhood joy on camera.  Oh, now I understood.  I just plainly said that he’s like this all the time and really wasn’t that unusual for him at all, and it hit me at that moment how special Alex is.  He is truly unique and absolutely himself each and every day. 



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This is my boy, who made me a mother the day he was born, but also has molded me (each and every day…) into the mother I am today.  I think he is so fabulous, so outrageous, so fantastic – that sometimes I think we were made for each other. 


I love you!


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