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This time last year




Time sure flies by

with each and every day


before you know it

I will be old and grey


So with each passing week

I snap a photo of these two


Playing and laughing, fighting and giggling

Because all to soon, they will say – No Mommy, I won’t let you



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Cabin progress





The roof is on!  And just in time - we might say! 


Lance is sore from head to toe, top to bottom.  He worked so hard this weekend, stretching and nailing, cutting, and bending this way and that way, up and down the ladder – but the roof is done and protecting our little cabin from the rain.  Lance’s Dad and Uncle Joe helped us this weekend. 


We even slept in it – all of us – on Saturday night.  Even Steve, Lance’s Dad, stayed with us. 


Never mind that it doesn’t technically have a door yet.  It wasn’t a problem since it was so muggy and warm that evening. 


We even had our first inaugural fire in our new fire pit (built by Alex and yours truly). 


The light from the fire came in the front window and I was imagining what it would be like when it was finished, as I laid down with the kids to get them to sleep.  Lance and his Dad and Mom were out by the fire still.  We would put the kids to bed up in the loft and Lance and I would sit out by the fire on warm summer evenings after a full day of playing at the beach, in this little cabin that Lance build with his hands. 


It’s starting to feel very real (very real to the pocket book, I’ve been told, too).  I can “see” the finished product, and feel how it will feel.  And it feels good.


We truly had a great weekend, but when we woke up on Monday morning – the question everyone had on their mind was – Can today be Sunday again?


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Banana mouth, part two





We’ve got another banana mouth in this family…


Alex was a banana mouth


Now Sara is definitely a banana mouth…


She points up to the bananas on the counter and says - manana, manana, manana!


She loves her bananas!



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Fall garden – right now



Dear Summer,


To even think that 6 weeks of summer was enough of a real summer is absolutely ludicrous!  We have waited through your cloudy 60’s days, patiently, with little cursing of your name.  But, now I’ve had enough! 


Good riddance summer, hello my new favorite season (any season that is not summer, please stand up).  You are just so dang short and I’ve had it!  While other parts of the country is sweltering in 4 months of 90-100 degree weather, we are freezing our pa-tooties off in these parts.  Can’t you even it out a bit?  We put up with one of the wettest springs EVER last year, then one of the soggiest coldest late spring/early “summer” months – again!


I’m done – bring on Fall – bring on the pumpkins, the cool mornings (at least I expect them during this time of the year), the changing leaves, the breeze in the air. 



Already prepared to be in perpetual Spring all next “summer”, due to Karma


P.S. Plus, the pink Anemones are amazing right now.  And it’s true, Geranium ‘Rosanne’ (blue/purple flower) just keeps going and going and going.  So glad I picked up more of that!



First day of preschool - 2011



I’m going to try to get first and last day of school pictures of these two for the foreseeable future (or until they won’t let me anymore!). 


This is where I got my inspiration for first and last. 


And here’s my two kidlets. 




Beginning preschool photo 2011-8 blog


Beginning preschool photo 2011-9 blog



P.S.  For y’all that think I’m perfect,  I’m not.  I captured this picture on the 2nd day of preschool because the kidlets just were in a foul mood and didn’t want to a. sit still or b. sit near each other for the first day back.  Boo!  But, 2nd day works just as well! 

Two dogs



Two dogs, two “first” babies, two companions, two friends.


two dogs

Soccer Saturdays




Here we come! 


What a Saturday to start – highs in the 80’s, bright blue sky.  A kiddo who is so excited to play outdoor Fall soccer!  We had a blast! 


Alex’s team is the “Jellyfish”, everyone in the league is a animal member of the ocean, seals, sharks, starfish….  It is a group of 3-4 year olds and the setup is like this: first 20 minutes of each Saturday is practice and the next 40 minutes is a “game”.  We got the t-shirts, put it on and he was off warming up.  There were lots of kids Alex’s age who are just as active as him and are soon to be fast friends.  The warm up was fun, kicking goals, running around, remembering not to pick up the soccer ball with your hands.  Then the game.  It was so fun to watch 3-4 year olds run around, listening to their parents, the coach and the referee. 


The first 10 minutes of his game, I could tell Alex didn’t “get” it.  Last year, at indoor soccer, we experienced the same thing when he was place into a too high class (5-6 year olds when he was only 3!).  The “game” is to kick it into your goal, not the other goal.  And if it’s going in the wrong direction, you have to try to get it going in the direction you want.  This is some tough stuff for this age.  Just at the cusp of learning these type of “rules”.  If someone else is kicking it, you have to get in there and kick it the other way – directly the opposite of everything he’s been taught in preschool about sharing. 


So, after about 10 minutes, he came to the sideline.  I could tell he was getting a bit frustrated and didn’t know what to do.  He told me on the way to the game that he wanted to make a goal.  And he hadn’t done that yet.  I didn’t want him to start not liking soccer because he didn’t get it. 


So, quick – Mom Brain to the rescue! 


“Pretend you’re a secret agent and you want the soccer ball to go in that goal (pointing at the right one), not the other goal.  If the ball is going in the wrong direction, try to kick it in the other direction.  If it’s going in the right direction – try to make a goal”. 


He has totally been loving the secret agent stuff lately, and I could see the light bulb had gone off.  He “got” it.  He was back in the game after the quick water break and was off! 


Literally – he made probably 6-10 goals after that.  They don’t keep score, which is one of the best things about these pee-wee leagues. Everyone gets cheered on and it is so fun.  We have a great team, great set of involved parents and a great group of kids. 


He was so proud of himself, he had a smile a mile wide!   We have a soccer boy!



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First day fall soccer-22 blog


First day fall soccer-23 blogFirst day fall soccer-24 blog


First day fall soccer-26 blog


First day fall soccer-29 blog


First day fall soccer-41 blog


First day fall soccer-47 blog


First day fall soccer-49 blog



First day fall soccer-44 blog







Watch out – Secret Agent Alex is on the hunt with his squirters!


kids playing in the pool-9 blog


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kids playing in the pool-29 blog


kids playing in the pool-33 blog


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Sitting at the counter



Sara has been wanting to sit a the counter lately, like a big brother.  Saturday mornings are pancakes for us, and she sat like this for pancakes recently.  She was so thrilled with herself!  And she got to sit next to Alex, aka "brudder”, who was learning to cut his own pancakes up into bite size pieces. 


Pancake Saturday-2 blog


Pancake Saturday-4 blog


Pancake Saturday-6 blogPancake Saturday-8 blog


Pancake Saturday-12 blog


Pancake Saturday-14 blog

Carrying her own lunch bag




What’s next, college?


Have mercy, I’m not ready for such a big girl!


Sara carrying her own lunch bag-3 blog


Sara carrying her own lunch bag-8 blog


Sara carrying her own lunch bag-11 blog