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Cabin progress




So much has been accomplished, so much to go! 


Lance has been learning so much and doing it all!  He has put up all the walls, the loft floor, the roof-line, most of the rafters and just put in some windows and wrapped the cabin for siding.  It has been a long week for him, he needs this week of work just to recover!


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Lance got a tractor for a day,  along with some fill dirt and more gravel to even things out a bit.  Also, it keeps down the dust a bit!



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Alex was helping all week long, with his tool box, tools and he was having so much fun.  He would play with Grandma Judy and his cousin Dominic.  We had one tired boy this week!


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Sara and I came down on Friday and Saturday and she got some good Grandpa time. 



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Lance had to consult for a bit on the rafters, it was a tricky cut that was not quite right in the plans.  The valley rafters for the bump-out was the trickiest part of the whole thing so far.  It ended up that he just had to make it work and then fit in all the other pieces. 


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We have some nice shade at the cabin, it stays nice and refreshingly cool there most of the day.  Alex spent much of his time down at the beach with Grandma Judy, so he was wearing his UV shirt most of the time.  The other times he was at the cabin often hammering something or another. 

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The pups came down with us for Labor day weekend and enjoyed being with us.  They hate it when we leave them to go to the beach.  I swear they can smell the salt water on us when we get back.   They had their fair share this weekend.  Rock had 3 days at the beach and was so tired Sunday and Monday! 

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Lance had been very lucky – he has had help every day he has been at the beach cabin.  Every single day his Uncle Joe has helped him.  What a guy!  The two Steve’s have helped too!  Steve Chappell and Steve Torgesen.  What a help!


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It is so dusty there!  Our kids end up looking like little dirty dust piles after a few hours there!


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But, then we go relax at the beach in the warm sunshine and cool off in the water a bit.  And wash off those dirty feet and legs and hands!



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This is too cute – we forgot Alex’s super hero costume, so we made one!  A towel wrapped around his neck with a rubber band to make a cape, a bandana to make a ‘mask’ and an eagle feather and a plastic rake as super hero powers.  Cool!


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And here is where Lance left it – so much accomplished (much more than he thought!) and so much more to go.  Door, roof plywood, roof shingles, windows, siding, painted, stairs to front door, etc. 


Lance is having so much fun.  And to ‘test’ it out – I slept in it, with Sara and Bella (just the girls!), on Friday night.  We had a tent inside the cabin, with our sleeping bags and a blow-up mattress.  It was so wonderful – I can tell how much we are going to love it! 


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