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skinned knees and a chipped tooth

This weekend was so nice - sunny and warm. We played outside most of the weekend and Alex got his first set of official skinned knees. It was warm and we decided to pull out the shorts for him (since he's so cute in shorts!) and then not much later he fell on the concrete and got some little skinned knees. We cleaned them up and put bandaids on them. They were much better after that. It was worth the cuteness of the shorts - for sure!

Now - what about the chipped tooth - you ask?

Well - somewhere between 12 and 13 months our little daredevil chipped his tooth. We have no idea when it happened - here or at daycare. But it's definately chipped. It's his left front top tooth - a chip right along the bottom. So it is a little shorter than the right one. It obviously doesn't hurt him - but I have serious urge to go to a dentist to have them fix it. I have no idea if they would laugh at me or not. Maybe I'll call and just see what they say... It's just that he'll have this tooth for probably another 4 years! All that time with a chip?

This has spawned new nicknames: Alex "Evil (as in Knievel) Danger Crazy Daredevil" Torgesen.

We wonder what it might have been like to have been the parents of Evil Knievel...

Mama and Alex swimming in the pool

We sure had fun - but, it's hard work! No wonder the kid gets tired!
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playing in the garden and showing his bellybutton

On a nice day last weekend (not the most recent weekend with the hail, snow and thunder - but the one before that) we played outside and he was interested in the flowers. I snapped this quick picture of my boy be interested in Horticulture (just like his Mama!)

Also, When we ask "where is your bellybutton?" this is what we get. How cute is that?
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playground fun

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more last year at this time....

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a few fun things...

Alex and Allie - havin' fun. They are two peas in a pod - active, social and totally had a fun time together. Allie taught Alex how to do "quick feet" and has been doing it so much since they played together. "Quick feet" is like a little dance - he picks his feet up and down fast and is prompted by us, but he also does it by himself.

Alex and Daddy on the new lawnmower. Alex loves playing on this and it's definately his new toy. He and Daddy mowed part of the lawn together on Sunday. Of course, Daddy made sure that Alex had his ear protection on, even though it doesn't show it in this picture. Just to make Mama happy :)
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He is learning a few new words to say - they all happen to be "B" words. Strange? I'm not sure.... there isn't too much distinction between these words, but there is a difference in syllables and "Be" sounds vs. "Ba" sounds. He is working on quite a few things right now.
(his favorite food right now is Banana, nevermind the constipation, Mom! He says)
He is understanding so much now. It's truely incredible. When we ask where is his bellybutton - he will show us! We are now working on nose and ears.


Lance and Alex did thier first swimming last night and it was so much fun!
Alex loves the water and had a great time, especially considering that it was his first time in a big pool with all the echos and tons of other people. They started off with songs, sit-listen-wait at the edge of the pool, and a game of playing with little plastic balls in the water. They did some backfloating, which we'd already been practicing that in the tub and hottub. They are getting ready to learn how to go under water - so Lance would say to Alex "Ready, set..." big breath by Lance and the instructor would squeeze a sponge over his head to have water on his face. He did very well at this.
She said next week he is going to try going under!
Lance had the biggest smile on his face the whole time and it was visible how proud he was of Alex and how much fun it was for him, too. Alex was really aware of his surroundings - since he would see me on the sidelines and wave to me. It warmed my heart!
We are so excited about next week! Lance is already planning on all the practices in the bathtub and hottub.
P.S. He was so tired... on the way out the door of the pool he was fading fast. He had a big bottle and was asleep in the car at 7:00 PM. We got home around 7:30 PM and picked him up and put him right into bed (he already had his pjs on - thank goodness!) and he was still asleep! He slept a so good because he was so tired out. Good tired. He did wake up 2x last night for a bottle - I guess all that swimming makes one a hungry little boy!
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Hello...who is it? This is Alex

Alex is obsessed with phones.
Everything is a phone. Anything can be a phone. Even nothing at all.
He holds all sorts of big and small objects up to his ear and waits for us to say "hello". It's really funny when it's something really big and he gets mad he can't get it up to his ear. We know that the phone is his magical item right now. When we need to calm him down, like when we're talking on an important phone call ourselves, we give him a phone. And when we give him one of his cellphones (read:fake) and he knows it, and it's a really important phone call - we sacrifice one of our real phones, or the best of the best - one of our real cell phones.
Works wonders!

We took him home one year ago today

April 4, 2007 - We took our little 5-lb boy home for the first time after 16 days in the NICU. We walked in the door to our house and looked at each other and literally said "what do we do now?". After all the things that had happened, pre-eclamsia, c-section, hospital, feeding tubes, CPAP, jaundice, preemie baby... Here we were - "normal". Going home with a baby.
We just decided to hold him and remember this special day. Of course, we didn't have everything as set as we needed, either, and there were things that we didn't even think of thinking about, but everything worked out and we had Alex home. So there was a bit of scrambing that first night.
April 4th, 1998 - Flash back
It also happens to be our 10 year first date anniversary. Lance called me up and asked me on a blind date. Our first date was Saturday April 4th, 1998. Allison was 20 years old! And Lance was 25!
Wow - I can't believe it's been that long!