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Merry Christmas to all!


We visited Santa at Molbak’s this year.  We went there to get our annual Fall photos since our sessions had been rained out twice and I knew it had a nice indoor area.  Well, during our session, this nice man with a white beard came up to us and explained directly to the kids that he heard that Santa comes here after Thanksgiving and he hopes that they would come back and visit.  Alex looks at me after he left and (almost speechless) says that the thinks that was the REAL Santa.  He asks if we can come back and see him after Thanksgiving and I say – of course!  It was a really special moment!


Alex had a list of about 12 items on it.  This kid is going for the gold, literally.  It was great at Molbak’s since the line was short, it was no stress and I got to take my own pictures (in nice lighting).  I highly recommend it! 


Here is Alex and Santa going over his list. 


Alex’s List:

1). Go Cart

2). Remote Controlled Ironman (I’ve never even heard of this?)
3). Electric Scooter

4). Nintendo DS

5). iPhone (the gold one?)

6). Pokemon cards & toys

7). a real Diamond (when asked how big – it is the size of a baseball)

8). Minecraft on Xbox

9). Xbox one (where does he learn this stuff?)

10). Halo (oh yes – elementary school….)

11). Cookie giver  (Santa asked about this one – didn’t quite know what it was.  Well, for those of you needing to know – it is a machine that gives you cookies when you push a button or ask for one – brilliant!)

12). rubber band bracelets (aka - rainbow loom – the most addictive hot toy right now.  kids make bracelets out of thousands of tiny rubber bands). 


Santa is SO smart and said that he would probably be only able to get one item on the list since he has to bring toys to everyone.  Alex agreed to this, but just wanted to make his list comprehensive, just in case. 



Molbaks Santa (2)-small



Sara had her list too.  It only had 1 item on it for many weeks, but recently added a couple of items just before visiting Santa.  This was the first year for Sara that she would even get within 20 feet of him.  Usually he is too scary and she won’t even get close.  But this year, she started off sitting next to him, although not too close.  He read her list (which I helped her write) and they had a special moment.  I loved it!  He really listened to her and her list and she felt so special. 


Sara’s list:

1). a golden treasure box


Much was said about this golden treasure box.  We have no idea where it really came from – but we absolutely loved it.  So creative! And we had to ask lots of questions.  What shape was it?  What was in it?  (duh – treasure!)  How big was it?  Was it shiny or sparkly?  It took some work for Santa to figure out this treasure box – but I think some little girl is going to be happy.


2). Chocolate

3). a Plant

4). a Rock 


Those are the late additions. 


Molbaks Santa (6)-small


When it came time for the Santa photo – Santa just picked Sara up and sat her on his lap and Alex scooted in and bingo – photo!  Although Sara was a big uneasy and looking for her getaway – she was so excited to see Santa and show him her list.  He was even giving away small candy canes – her favorite.  Alex was thrilled to see a “real” Santa with a true beard.  He notices this kind of stuff – trust me!  He told me last year that he knows that the Santa we normally get photos with isn’t the real Santa.






What do I say?  What do I say???????  Hurry and think fast Allison…



He goes on to explain that Santa has helpers and he can’t be everywhere seeing all the kids therefore, some Santa’s wear fake beards.  Whew!  But, each of these “fake” Santa’s report back to the real Santa and then he delivers the presents. 


OK – Santa story works for this Momma.  Crisis diverted. 




Molbaks Santa (7)-small

Merry Christmas to All and to all a good night!

Sara writes her name


orange ruler fun run (23)-small



Sara has really blossomed this year. She is very comfortable with her preschool and loves it tremendously.  I even asked her recently if she missed me when she she goes to school and she frankly said, No.  (insert a little broken mama heart here).  She’s recently has been having leaps in her understanding and school.  Plus, now she’s not napping even at school now.  Our girl is growing up. 


We’ve been doing a lot of this at home lately…


F-F-F-F Fox


B-B-B-B Baby


G-G-G-G Gorilla


S-S-S-S Snake


She is now writing some letters, recognizing quite a few and learned to write her name.   Every chance I get – I ask if she can put her name on a piece of paper.  When she holds that big pencil in her tiny hands and knows exactly what she is writing, it just warms my heart.  The R in her name is my favorite.  It’s kinda like a circle with two legs.  It’s the best R around!


Sara writes her name-small