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Happy Halloween



Have fun and stay safe out there tonight!


Halloween costumes (3)-small


Halloween costumes (1)-small



The red Power Ranger, Strawberry Shortcake and a Robber!

First Tooth


Alex lost his first tooth a few weeks back and it was SO exciting.  That tooth was loose for a while, but wasn’t ready.  He wiggled and wiggled until finally we came home and saw that it was wiggling so much that it stuck out 90 degrees!  He was a little scared, but Daddy took a paper towel, grabbed a hold of that sucker and pulled gently and out it came.  Not even hurtie!


Such a proud picture!


He was so excited since “everybody” had lost a tooth in kindergarten and he was sad that he didn’t yet.  We visited the dentist back in September and they said it was only a matter of time, and predicted they’d be out by Halloween!  Guess what – they were right!


Alex and first tooth lost (10)-small