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last year at this time

What big cheeks he has! He wasn't born with those cheeks! He grew them!

What a big smile!

The tongue - always doing something!

Ahhh - the lip! The big pouty lip. This is how he would tell us he was mad!
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92 degrees

Boy was it hot! 92 degrees in the shade at our house last weekend. We put out the pool with a bit of water in it and let the hot sunshine warm it up. We even had to cool it off a bit with some more water. We sure had fun! It was just too hot to do anything else!
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First trip to the Dentist

Mr. Alex had his first visit to the Dentist yesterday. Apparently "First year - First tooth" is the time to visit. So, we're pretty close to the 1 year, but he already has 8 teeth and is starting to have his molars come in.

Woodinville Pediatric Dentistry is a very nice place to take your kid. I found it in the paper and decided to make an appointment. They were quick to make an appointment and had convienent times available.

There were big stuffed chairs in the waiting room just for little ones. Alex was playing with the monkey chair and having fun point to the monkey nose and monkey ear, then Alex nose and Alex ear.

Alex's teeth look great and he has some "clean clickers" as we say in our household. The doctor pointed out that his molars are coming through, something that we didn't see yet. We knew he was teething because of the drool, but were finally able to see some little molars poking through. The appointment was more like dog training that an actual cleaning/exam. It was to "train" us parent-type people in how to clean his teeth and what to call the dentist for (Hand food and mouth and other blister type diseases of the mouth and any emergency, of course!). We learned how to brush his teeth better and they gave us a better toothbrush. They also gave us these wipes that we can use, as well.

I guess its a pretty big no-no to give your child a bottle in bed and the good news is that we haven't been doing that. He has a bottle, but then it's gone. We did learn that we need to brush his teeth more and that cavities are the number one disease of childhood.

Apparently preemies have an increased risk of enamal abnormalities and the Dr. was happy that we told her he was a preemie. She said she didn't see any signs of abnormalities on his teeth.

But, the reason that made me make the appointment was that he had chipped his front top tooth. She said that preemie teeth can be more brittle, so this might be the cause. But, we also told her how active he is and I think this is the real reason he chipped his tooth.

All in all - it was a nice experience and we're glad that there is such a nice place so close by.

Here's to Dentist appointments for Alex every 6 months for ~17 more years!

Cologne mishap

On Sunday I was getting ready in the bathroom, drying my hair. Alex is normally with me and usually just plays in the drawers. We've cleaned all the dangerous stuff out - no sharp objects or pills or even small objects.

But, to my surprise - - - Alex not only was playing with Daddy's cologne - but he figured out how to unscrew the top and was dumping it out on the floor in a matter of seconds!


Our bathroom sure smells G-O-O-D! I mean REALLY good! I don't know if we'll ever get the smell out!

Of course, this is when we were getting ready to go somewhere and now Alex's shoes are doused in cologne along with the floor, and everything that even dares walk into the bathroom is now covered in the scent. I think I don't have any smellers left - it was so powerful.

It was quite a mishap, if I must say!

Good thing we are just getting ready to remodel our bathroom and remove the (wonderfully smelling!) carpet (who thought carpet was a good idea anyway!) and change it to impervious tile! Ha! We fooled him! Although, I'm sure he'll find more adventures to fool us - right around the corner.

banana mouth

Alex loves eating bananas.
Whole bananas.
There have been days where he eats 3 whole bananas in one day.
Trust me - there are consequences to this (i.e. constipation) but he doesn't care.
He just loves bananas. He points up to the counter where the bananas are and says "ba" and we know this means I want a banana. When we give him a piece - he just shoves the whole thing in his mouth and ends up looking like this.
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Sequim weekend

On Grandpa Steve's shoulders watching the parade. Note the cute hat to keep the sun off of him as much as possible. Didn't last long - trust me.

On Dad's shoulders watching the parade. Still has hat on. Didn't last long - trust me.

At the beach in Sequim. Having much fun on logs and playing with rocks. Throwing them in the ocean. Fun! Note - no hat.

On ferry ride coming back home. Note - no hat.
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sequim grandparents

Do I look like I'm having fun or what?
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Darn cute - new size 6 shoes!

I can't believe we have a toddler ~13 months old with size 6 feet. At least they have cute shoes!

shorts weather

Alex wore shorts last Sunday becuase it was so nice and warm. How cute does he look?

Maybe we'll have nice weather again soon.

Ha Ha Ha
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March for Babies

Wow - what a wonderful time we had at the March for Babies in Seattle on Sunday. Here is a cute picture of Alex trying on my sunglasses. It was a beautiful sunny day to be on a walk to support a good cause. I ended up getting much more emotional than I ever thought. I was emotional because I knew all these people KNEW what I knew. There were so many families there, with newborns, toddlers, children of all ages. Families who were touched in some way - for so many reasons. The most difficult to see where the teams all wearing t-shirts for a baby that had died. I was so proud to be there supporting them - supporting all of us.

All babies deserve a healthy start.

March of Dimes is a good organization and funded the grant for the studies to develop/test the surfactant therapy that Alex received while in the NICU. He had respiratory distress and was struggling to breath. The surfactant therapy helped so much! He could breath easier and not spend all of his energy breathing - but, instead resting from a traumatic birth and learning to feed.

We are very grateful to all the people who donated to the March of Dimes - March for Babies walk.

Thank you!

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May - this time last year

Ahhhh - Thrush!

How could I forget?

We got it after I had a wonderful battle with Mastitis and ended up battling thrush for many - many weeks. Poor little Alex had to deal with having a purple mouth due to the Gentian Violet. Which after about a week of everything being purple, we had to step up the treatment on both of us by taking Diflucan for 3 weeks to get rid of it.

Don't miss that part at all!

It's hard to believe he was ever this little. I remember that he would "sleep suck" during his napping and I just thought it was the cutest thing ever.

It's hard to believe it's been a year already.

One of my all time favorite pictures is below. Look at those cheeks. He wasn't born with that much cheek. He grew them! And we could see them grow. We love those cheeks!

People often thing Alex is "ahead" of his age group - while that is true, it's really just his personality. Look at that "I want to GO!" personality in his eyes. He always wanted to be upright, crawling ("going") when he could crawl, or walking when he could take steps - moving moving moving. He was quite the kicker in the womb, too.

It's nothing I've done - I swear!

It's all him.

Plus, remember - I have no idea what I am doing anyway. I'm a first-timer at this.
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