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Sara and the Bumbo seat

Sara just loves the bumbo seat right now and is loving being an upright person.  We have dinner outside on the deck and she sits with us in her bumbo and can see us at eye level.  She enjoys looking at the “jungle” animals of the jungle gym from this upright position.  It won’t last long – but we’re loving this bumbo seat right now!


Sara in bumbo seat-7 blog

Sara in bumbo seat-22 blog

 Sara in bumbo seat-15 blog

Sara in bumbo seat-11 blog

A year ago

Wow – things have changed in the 12 months. 


Lance started his new job in August 2009, he is a program manager for a cell phone software company.

I was laid off in July 2009 and started my new job in August – lucky me!  I also took a wonderful photography workshop that was the beginning to these wonderful pictures that we share on this blog.  Without this workshop, It was by chance that I got really good photos.  Now, I know how to use my camera, even got a newer nicer one, and it’s not an accident anymore.  I shoot in manual mode, setting the shutter, ISO and aperture and set up scenes to get these shots.  I even started my own side business!

Sara was conceived and I was officially pregnant and had the usual tiredness and morning sickness, I knew I was pregnant on my first day of my new job.

Alex was two years old and just starting a new preschool (that he no longer goes to since we didn’t like it and has since started a new preschool and we love it!) and he was getting his 2 year molars (see picture below).  We took a trip to Sequim and visited the game farm and Alex started his obsession with lions, in fact, he was even a lion for Halloween.  He still loves to be “a big kid” as evidenced by putting on Daddy’s socks below – that is one of his true motivations in life.  It even helped with potty training!

And we did our front yard BIG garden project.  That reminds me – I need to take some more “after” photos to share.  It’s looking great.  We are so happy with it, especially now that we have our house painted


To answer your question – yes, we are busy people.  But, we wouldn’t have it any other way. 


P1010773 blog

P1010775 blog

    IMG_5705 blog   _MG_5690 blog


P1010805 blog

Baby Torgesen #2 blog

 P1010845 blog




IMG_0041 blog



P1010902 blog

A… L… E… X…

Alex writes his name-1 blog

Alex learned how to write his name – 3 years old.  I just love the E – it’s my favorite. 

Loving the beach

So much fun to be had with a big beach log, Grandpa T, Grandma Connie and a kayak, even Lance too!  While Sara and I relaxed in the shade of our big umbrella. 


Alex playing on log at beach-1 blog

  Sara at the beach 3 mo old-5 blog

 Connie on Kayak-1 blog

 Alex playing on log at beach-36 blog

 Alex playing on log at beach-32 blog

 Alex playing on log at beach-20 blog

 Alex playing on log at beach-14 blog

 Alex playing on log at beach-8 blog

Mama and Sara-3-2 blog

thoughts on going back to work

I thought going back to work was going to be easier the second time around… 


although, deep down I knew it would be hard. 


It is easier in some ways – I’m not as emotionally raw about it (yet?) and this time I’m not bargaining and trying to figure out how to stay home on one income (we can’t do it).  I know I have to go back.  There is no way around it.  But, it is still hard.  I can’t imagine being apart from you for longer than an hour or two, let alone 9 long hours.  How am I going to do this?  Not only leave you for that long 5 days a week, but come home (probably exhausted) and have a demanding 3 year old who wants my attention, too, and has been away from me that long, as well, and can scream and shout and throw a big tantrum.   Now, that is going to be hard.  I will just want to pick you up and hold you, coo at you, look into your eyes and tell you how much I’ve missed you and how much I love you, kiss those luscious rolls on your belly, but that won’t be possible. We will have to be “sharing guys”, as Alex would say. 


You are my sweet cheeks  - and I am your Mama.  And there is no making it any easier to leave you during the day and go back to work.  There is just no way around it. 


As these last few weeks wind down – I find myself taking you in, breathing you into me so that I can take you with me everywhere I go.  Memorizing your little elbow dimples, your bright eyes, feeling your so so soft tummy skin, your sweet baby scent and your chubby rolls.   Thinking about how that first weekend will feel so great to have you back in my arms all day. 


I know how lucky I am.  I do, really.  I have a wonderful husband and father to my children.  I have two beautiful, healthy children who we are raising well.  I am a good Mom.  I have the ability to make a nice living for our family.  Knowing this does make it a bit easier to go back to work – I’m “putting on my work hat and making a living for my family”.   I know we will find a “new normal”, a new routine, and it will be fine.  It might take a little bit to iron out the details of how this all will work, but we will figure it out together. You know I’m your Mama and when I walk in the front door after a long day, I know you will smile and reach for me.  I can’t wait for those moments!  They will be fabulous. 


I love you with all of my heart, my little girl.  You are the heart within my heart. 


Sara's Eyelashes-12 blog

 Sara's expressions-9 blog

 Sara's expressions-2 blog

 Sara macro-15 blog

 Sara macro-14 blog

The Bjorklund Brood Becomes Bigger

Bjorklund-142 blog

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing my best friend Jessica, hubby Tor and her new twin boys this past week! 


A new family.  


This is my absolute favorite image from the shoot because it shows their smiles – their distinctive smiles that I’ve seen so many times.  They have waited a long time to become parents and it wasn’t as easy as they thought, encountering many obstacles.  They’ve definitely had a journey to get to this point – but, the journey has just begun…  It just keeps getting better and better.


Jessica and Tor have the most beautiful baby boys, Lars and Odin.  They are healthy and happy and are growing like weeds!  They were born at 34 1/2 weeks, just like Alex was – but were much healthier.  They needed a bit of oxygen, but were mostly in the special care nursery for learning how to feed themselves.  It’s been a big challenge for Jessica to breastfeed these boys – but, I’m so proud that she’s doing it!  I knew she could! 


While I was preparing for the session – I was looking back at photographs from when I was little with my parents and grandparents and sister.  I realized what I LOVE about photography – history.  We made history during the photography session.  These boys will grow up looking at these photographs and see their parents smiles and look back on these images when they are parents, looking at their babies – maybe with the same smiles. 


Thank you for the pleasure of making history with you Jessica, Tor, Lars and Odin!





Check out my photography site at  for more details on my photography business!

Little sister and big brother

Sister and brother-11 blog

Our house | Painted

 House pre-painted-1 blog



House painted-2 blog




House painted-4 blog We even got the door painted a rich bronzy/chocolaty brown.  YUMMMMY!


Finally, after waiting all fall, winter and spring (the house was supposed to be painted last Sept, but the rains started) – we got our house painted!  We love the color we chose and it seems so much like it’s been that color the whole time.  Must have been the right color for us!  The painting company did a nice job and will finish our fence stain on Monday. 


Just had to post because we are so excited.  We have really transformed our house over the almost 7 years we’ve lived here.  It’s pretty amazing to look back.  The fence, the gardens, the side driveway, the painting, the bathroom remodels, new stairs, new carpeting, adding hardwood floors, new windows, new cork flooring, new window blinds, new closet system, etc.


The only rooms we haven’t touched are the laundry room and the guest bathroom and the kitchen.  Guess what’s next on our list???  No, nothing as expensive as a kitchen – sorry, that will have to wait.  If you guessed the guest bathroom – you’re right!  I don’t think we’ll start anytime soon, but new tile, new flooring, new cabinet/countertop, mirror, toilet are in our future!

Happy 6 year anniversary!

Wow – 6 years tomorrow.  Time does fly by.  And how things have changed, but stayed the same.  My husband is now the father to my children and I am more than just his wife, now the mother of his children.  We are a family.

We have 2 beautiful healthy children, a lovely home, nice jobs that support our family.  And we are in love, even more so than the day we were married.  It’s probably cliché to say this – but our love is so much deeper.  We have less time to spend with each other alone, but the time we do spend together is meaningful.  Priorities are different, but that’s OK.  What’s most important is still the same.  We are so lucky. 


I have been going through some of our old photos lately and came across our honeymoon photos from Tahiti and Bora Bora.  We had a fabulous time.  It was a long flight, but well worth the wait.  We had two weeks in paradise and explored many new things from this beautiful culture. 


 DSC00645 Final

We enjoyed all the beautiful bright colors and fabrics

 DSC00672 Final

We ate many new things, including “poission cru” which is tuna and veggies cooked in Lime juice and coconut milk.  Lance learned that eating the local food is way better than a hamburger at these types of places and ate locally prepared specialties most of the trip after this first night.

DSC00736 Final

We enjoyed every sunrise, due to the time change. DSC00741 Final

It was so beautiful there – the lush landscapes and the deep blue water DSC00745 Final

I ate a lot of coconut – it was everywhere there! DSC00766 FinalWe explored the islands and even stayed in one of those huts over the water below!

DSC00850 Final

And last, but not least – we did a ton of scuba diving.  We swam with sharks – it was a ton of fun.  You would think it would be scary – but it wasn’t.  We chased after a manta ray, saw turtles, TONS of fish.


Happy 6 year anniversary honey!

Sara in the pool

It was HOT – about 90 degrees hot!  And so we brought out the kiddy pool and had a blast.  Sara even got in on the action.  We dipped her toes to see her reaction – and it was so fun!  The water was just out of the hose and so it was cold.  And, of course, big brother Alex was having so much fun.  He was loving the sprinkler inside the pool and his “sword” which for 89 cents – is a bargain.  It’s a pipe insulator that Lance picked up from a hardware store.  It’s not only a fun sword for Alex, but doesn’t hurt when he hits Lance! 


Pool and sprinkler fun-25 Final

 Pool and sprinkler fun-26 Final

 Pool and sprinkler fun-27 Final


Pool and sprinkler fun-16 Final

A new chandelier

I know… I know… not very exciting.  But, it is pretty, wouldn’t you say?


The circa 1984 light fixturechanging candlileer-2 Final


My wonderful husband who does all the work and climbs up REALLY high changing candlileer-9 Final


The new chandelier with all it’s beautiful curves and lights – it is so pretty hanging in our entry way.  New chandileer-6 Final


 New chandileer-18 Final


New chandileer-15 Final

Campfire in your own backyard

This year we’re not planning on making any camping trips – too tough with a baby, plus, I go back to work in 3 1/2 weeks (snif-snif). 


So, we thought we would have a campfire in our own yard – that’s the most fun part anyways!


Campfire in the backyard-23 Final

First, Daddy shows you how to do it

 Campfire in the backyard-28 Final

And you enjoy the product and the process – yummy gooey s’mores

 Campfire in the backyard-40 Final

Then, Mommy gets one too! 

 Campfire in the backyard-48 Final

Then, Alex gets to try – and has so much fun seeing it on fire!

 Campfire in the backyard-65 Final 

And then Sara wakes up and sees what she’s been missing!