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Packery delivery



A while ago, when a box arrived at our doorstep, Alex asked me what it was.  I answered – a package, a delivery. 


Who delivered it, Mama? 


The post office, Alex.  They come every day to deliver our mail, and sometimes they have a package for us. 


The next time we got something delivered – Alex rushed over and immediately said


Look Mama – a “packery delivery”


And, me being the Mama who just loves this sort of thing, said


Yes, it is a packery delivery!  For you!


We got him a new big boy booster seat that uses a real seatbelt. 


He was loving it, the packery delivery was for him!


And then opened the packery delivery and played with the box…

packery delivery (2)



Sara stats – 15 months



32 1/4 “ (98%)


22 lbs. 9.5 oz. (65%)


One happy, healthy girl



Forks 20th year reunion trip & lake pleasant-103 blog


Forks 20th year reunion trip & lake pleasant-115 blog

Forks 20th year reunion trip & lake pleasant-109 blog

20th reunion and lake pleasant fun



We enjoyed attending Lance’s 20th year high school reunion and spent the weekend with friends at Lake Pleasant with the boat.  We are blessed with such great friends & family and great times! 





Sara eating breakfast at Papa T’s and ‘Bama Connie’s house, Lance with a hangover from night one of the “informal” 20th reunion… No drinking on the actual night of the reunion because he didn’t want to “ruin the next day”.  He was totally useless that hangover day… felt h.o.r.r.i.b.l.e.  Lesson learned, again…forks 1


We enjoyed some BEAUTIFUL weather at the lake… sunny and 80’s.  Hot!

forks 10

Lance even tried water skiing… 20 years since the last time… (just like riding a bike he says)

forks 9


Sara tried some M&M’s from Meghan this weekend – and absolutely loved them! 

forks 8

And she enjoyed the slide with both of us riding with her

forks 7

Alex loved the monkey bars – he’s strong enough now to be able to do most of it, but still needs some help and support sometimes. 

forks 6

Alex’s favorite things this weekend were water squirters, the boat, and pirate booty (cheesy poufy snack).

forks 5


It was so warm on Sunday that the babies were just in diapers outside – it was amazingly warm!  They loved just playing in the boat and playing on Lance (the designated parent that all babies loved this weekend).

forks 4

And these are the Grafstrom kids – so wonderful, fun, helpful, and amazing to be around.  Emily (12), Meghan (10), Evan (1) and Allison (4).  The kids all had so much fun together!  Evan just about wanted to spend every waking moment in the boat – and would say “boat, boat, boat”.  He loved steering and just wanted to “be” in the boat all the time – it totally reminded me of when Alex was little and we went to Banks Lake

forks 3


Lance channeled his “inner karate kid” and climbed up on a big pillar.  He helped Alex get enough guts to jump into his arms from the dock and Becky and I took the plunge a couple of times.  The lake water was a bit cool, but just great on an 80 degree day!

forks 2


Alex had a black eye the entire time, an unfortunate incident with the corner of the cabinet right before we left. 


Forks 20th year reunion trip & lake pleasant-218 blog

I’m loving this photo of Meghan – such a beautiful girl!

Forks 20th year reunion trip & lake pleasant-195 blog

Thanks to Connie and Steve for watching the kids while we attended the reunion and thanks to the Graftstrom’s for inviting us out to the Lake house for such a fun weekend!


We enjoyed some popsicles when it was warmer, not in the 60’s and raining like it’s been lately…


Sara had her first popsicle, and she knew exactly what to do!


evening fire time-2 blog


IMG_8587 blog


evening fire time-3 blog


evening fire time-4 blog


evening fire time-5 blog


evening fire time-8 blog


She was so sticky afterwards, but she LOVED it!

Swimming pool Sara




In a post that could be titled… “What the heck happened to summer?”  and “our few days of summer weather are over” – we sure miss ya summer, please come back!  Please, please, please!  I know the rest of the country is super hot, just give us a little summer – that’s all we ask.  Just a few more days of sunny and 70’s – it can’t be too much to ask for in a summer, right?



The 4th of July week, we pulled out the pool when it was sunny and warm, around 75-80 degrees and beautiful.  Sara had been in the pool last year, but she was only about 3-4 months old.  She didn’t like it so much then. 


What a year will do for you!



She was in the water, splashing around, playing with toys and all sorts of fun.  It does help to set out the pool and let it warm up all day so it’s not so cold.  It helps a lot.  Plus, being a curious toddler, too!


Sara playing in the pool-7 blog


I bought her some cute ruffley bottoms swimsuit bottoms, because, you know how much I love ruffle bottoms!


Sara playing in the pool-15 blog



She loved pouring the water over her head and would do it over and over again, and laugh and giggle each time. 

Sara playing in the pool-27 blog


Sara playing in the pool-28 blog


Sara playing in the pool-33 blog

When Mommy and Daddy were little…





This past week when we were off for the 4th of July, we found our little Alex requesting cartoons, most of which, we are happy to oblige. 


To a point…


When it’s a beautiful day outside, and it’s the 5th cartoon in a row…


We found ourselves saying this…






When Mommy and Daddy were little…


Cartoons were only on Saturday mornings…











“Mommy – I want another cartoon!”  “Turn it on!” 


He couldn’t even FATHOM the idea that cartoons weren’t there anytime you wanted, ON-DEMAND, Cartoon network, Netflix streamed wirelessly through the TV. 




Welcome to the 21st century, Mom and Dad!

4th of July


I know… I know… I’m a little late.  Like over a week late.  But, I guess that is what a week of relaxing at home will do to you!   Finally, I’ve uploaded the pictures and am ready to show what we did for 4th of July. 


The day started with all of the kids (dogs included) so excited and ready to go to the beach, that they all decided to just hang out in the truck and just wait for us to get everything packed up to go.  The 4th of July was B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. around these parts, sunny and 75 degrees.  Just about perfect and you couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful Seattle day, let alone a holiday, let alone 4th of July!   The joke is that summer starts on the 5th of July in Seattle, since it can seem like it rains on 4th of July quite often. 


4th of July-3 blog


Ms. Sara was wearing her 4th of July best and was so precious! 

4th of July-10 blog


We spent the day at the beach and the tide was out.  Meaning, lots of sand, sand castles, tidepoolin’, explorin’, and playing in the warm shallow water of Henderson Bay.  Grandma Sandy and Aunt Amelia joined us and had a great time. 


4th of July-11 blog


Lance created his famous sand castle with a big moat.  The kids, grandma and Amelia set out to decorate it.  They put shells and sticks on it, made bridges and roads, all sorts of fun.

4th of July-13 blog


We went off explorin’ and found many starfish, including the multi-armed sunfish.  So cool to see!  Sara caught a ride on Aunt Amelia and loved it!  She loved playing in the sand-warmed water.  And was very brave to play with a starfish!  She thought it was so cool!

4th of July-39 blog


4th of July-41 blog


4th of July-44 blog


4th of July-51 blog


After fun all day at the beach, we left with two tired kiddos (well, 4 tired kiddos including dogs) and two tired parents, too.  We like (meaning – I  like) to be home to get the kids to bed at a decent hour on 4th of July.  Plus, the dogs don’t mind the fireworks during the day, but when they start going off all the time, they do get a bit scared.  I just prefer to be home! 


We ate some s’mores around the campfire, yummm!  And then Sara was off to sleep.  What a big day she had.  She only had 2 short naps since the regular nap time was at the beach and she was.not going to nap when she was having that much fun.  No.sir.eee.  She was tired and went to sleep fast.


campfire and fireworks-18 blog


Then, we started the fireworks.  First, just the small ones when it was still fairly light out.  I tried to capture Alex’s reaction to the fireworks that were a bit louder and bigger.  He just LOVED them.  Wanted more and more and more.  This kid is one that loves to be “scared” from the noise/bang and loves to watch it again.  He just soaks it up and laughs and giggles and says, more, more, more!


campfire and fireworks-3 blog


campfire and fireworks-2 blog

It was finally getting darker and darker and Lance would let off some of the bigger ones.  We had a pretty nice show right in our yard! 


Fireworks-4 blog


Fireworks-7 blog



Fireworks-10 blog


Fireworks-15 blog


And then came the big finales!  We had some big fireworks that Lance was saving until the end.  Alex and I snuggled up on the warm 4th of July night, sitting on the grass, watching the big booms and colors and sparkles display.  We ooohhhh’ed and ahhh’ed.  I set up my camera, with a very high ISO, and tried to capture our faces during one of the brighter moments lit only from the light of the fireworks – it worked!  I hand-held my camera away from us and used my wide angle lens 17-55mm.  Some of the photos turned out completely black – but others turned out great! 

Fireworks-26 blog



Fireworks-27 blog


Fireworks-34 blog

It was a very nice 4th of July!

Last year



Last year at this time…




I had a freshly new 3 year old, oh how I miss that costume!  He doesn’t wear it much anymore…

Alex walking Bella-9 Final

A boy with a new haircut and he is so handsome (and he knows it!)…

Alex's new haircut-10 Final


A luscious baby girl about 2 months old who loves snuggling with me…

Sara in blue ruffles-66 Final


A girl with such round cheeks – rounder cheeks that I’ve ever seen!

Sara sleeping-6 Final

So smiley!




Sara's many faces-2 Final

Oh yes, we got the boat a year ago too!

the beach geoduckin tide-73 Final