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20th reunion and lake pleasant fun



We enjoyed attending Lance’s 20th year high school reunion and spent the weekend with friends at Lake Pleasant with the boat.  We are blessed with such great friends & family and great times! 





Sara eating breakfast at Papa T’s and ‘Bama Connie’s house, Lance with a hangover from night one of the “informal” 20th reunion… No drinking on the actual night of the reunion because he didn’t want to “ruin the next day”.  He was totally useless that hangover day… felt h.o.r.r.i.b.l.e.  Lesson learned, again…forks 1


We enjoyed some BEAUTIFUL weather at the lake… sunny and 80’s.  Hot!

forks 10

Lance even tried water skiing… 20 years since the last time… (just like riding a bike he says)

forks 9


Sara tried some M&M’s from Meghan this weekend – and absolutely loved them! 

forks 8

And she enjoyed the slide with both of us riding with her

forks 7

Alex loved the monkey bars – he’s strong enough now to be able to do most of it, but still needs some help and support sometimes. 

forks 6

Alex’s favorite things this weekend were water squirters, the boat, and pirate booty (cheesy poufy snack).

forks 5


It was so warm on Sunday that the babies were just in diapers outside – it was amazingly warm!  They loved just playing in the boat and playing on Lance (the designated parent that all babies loved this weekend).

forks 4

And these are the Grafstrom kids – so wonderful, fun, helpful, and amazing to be around.  Emily (12), Meghan (10), Evan (1) and Allison (4).  The kids all had so much fun together!  Evan just about wanted to spend every waking moment in the boat – and would say “boat, boat, boat”.  He loved steering and just wanted to “be” in the boat all the time – it totally reminded me of when Alex was little and we went to Banks Lake

forks 3


Lance channeled his “inner karate kid” and climbed up on a big pillar.  He helped Alex get enough guts to jump into his arms from the dock and Becky and I took the plunge a couple of times.  The lake water was a bit cool, but just great on an 80 degree day!

forks 2


Alex had a black eye the entire time, an unfortunate incident with the corner of the cabinet right before we left. 


Forks 20th year reunion trip & lake pleasant-218 blog

I’m loving this photo of Meghan – such a beautiful girl!

Forks 20th year reunion trip & lake pleasant-195 blog

Thanks to Connie and Steve for watching the kids while we attended the reunion and thanks to the Graftstrom’s for inviting us out to the Lake house for such a fun weekend!