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Swimming pool Sara




In a post that could be titled… “What the heck happened to summer?”  and “our few days of summer weather are over” – we sure miss ya summer, please come back!  Please, please, please!  I know the rest of the country is super hot, just give us a little summer – that’s all we ask.  Just a few more days of sunny and 70’s – it can’t be too much to ask for in a summer, right?



The 4th of July week, we pulled out the pool when it was sunny and warm, around 75-80 degrees and beautiful.  Sara had been in the pool last year, but she was only about 3-4 months old.  She didn’t like it so much then. 


What a year will do for you!



She was in the water, splashing around, playing with toys and all sorts of fun.  It does help to set out the pool and let it warm up all day so it’s not so cold.  It helps a lot.  Plus, being a curious toddler, too!


Sara playing in the pool-7 blog


I bought her some cute ruffley bottoms swimsuit bottoms, because, you know how much I love ruffle bottoms!


Sara playing in the pool-15 blog



She loved pouring the water over her head and would do it over and over again, and laugh and giggle each time. 

Sara playing in the pool-27 blog


Sara playing in the pool-28 blog


Sara playing in the pool-33 blog


Anonymous said...

She is sooooo sweet!C & S