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Cancun trip, part 1

We just got back last week from an amazing family vacation.  We went to Cancun Mexico!  The kids and both of us had so much fun.  We all got to do something we wanted to do plus there was a lot of time for just plain relaxing and resting. 


It took us a whole day to get there and a whole day to get back.  The flights were relatively easy and the kids were entertained by movies, coloring or other electronic gadget. 


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And when we woke up the next day – all we did was play in the pool and discover what was around us.  We stayed in the Villas Del Mar 2 in Puerto Aventuras, which is about an hour south of Cancun.  We had a really nice zero entry pool and a nice condo.  The beach was right on the far side of the pool and the weather was fantastic.  We all got right to relaxing on our vacation and pretty much did nothing that first full day there.  We found a dive shop, found a grocery store, got the lay of the land and explored the beach. 


Alex really wanted to figure out his snorkel and mask and by golly – just like Alex does so well – he figured it out!  He was snorkeling in the pool before long and was so fun to watch.  It was fun to see him do this and we were excited to possibly try snorkeling on this trip.  We thought he would love it – and more on that later.  He also discovered coral on this trip and saw the coral on the beach and we had many conversations about coral.  We had the great idea to suggest he does his annual science project on coral this year, so we’ll be learning even more!


Sara was LOVING the pool.  The pool was not heated and was probably 70 degrees, my guess.  The ocean water was about 80 degrees, so it felt so warm compared to the pool.  But, that girl swam and swam and swam.  Alex would get cold and get out after a while – she would stay in longer than him by far.  Over and over again.  She loved that pool.  The floaties we brought were perfect.  She didn’t quite know she could swim/float with them at first, but quickly learned her freedom and took full advantage of that over the vacation.  She was often the first one in the pool and the last one out. 



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