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Somebody thinks he’s still 18 years old


But, sure doesn’t feel like it the next day!


beach (17) Final

My first REAL photo shoot

I had my first real photo shoot Sunday and I think it really well! 

I really wasn’t that nervous (I thought I would be) until right before we started.  It really helped knowing my good friend, Zoe, her husband and son.  I took some notes on poses that I thought would be good, and when my mind was stuck with what to do next…. I pulled it out and it gave me all the confidence I needed.   I remembered some of my tricks from my workshop in June: keep moving around, look for the light, find ways to get the kiddo to be involved, show the view screen to the customer to show them how wonderful they look, & don’t always take the posed shots.  Just some of the lessons I’ve learned and practiced over the many months, I guess

Little Liam was so fun to work with and he LOVED looking at the pictures after I took them on the the view screen.  It was so funny – he had the BIGGEST smile when looking at the view screen – but when it came time to take the pictures, it wasn’t that easy.  When I was taking a picture where Liam was the “cheese” between his parents as the sandwich he kept saying “we’re a family” and my heart about melted.  It was so right on.  Times go by so fast – sometimes I feel like I’m on a fast rollercoaster and in this moment, I slowed down and remembered what it means to be a family.  Thanks to Liam for reminding me!  That’s why I’m doing this – to capture those moments and have them to remember always. 

Here is a sneak peek of the wonderful family – thanks so much for trusting and believing in me!  It was so much fun!

Goldring (57) Final-2 Goldring (21) Final-2 Goldring (33) Final-2

Goldring (74) Final

Anyways – I would love to hear your comments – Let’s tell Zoe & Family how wonderful they look.   I think they look like a very happy family!

2 years ago… solid food



Hungry and happy boy!

Blue eyes

Final (1 of 1)

I torgot….


Alex’s newest word is “forgot”.  He has undoubtedly heard me say it many times to myself or as I’m talking to him.  Oh I forgot to change your diaper, I forgot to put this away, etc.


But, the other night – it was so cute.


I was putting him to bed by myself while Lance was somewhere (I can’t remember) and we changed his diaper to put on his night diaper, put on his Paa-jees, chose some books and snuggled into bed to start reading them.  As we were about 1/2 way through, he looked at me and said “You torgot to brush my teeth!”  “That’s silly”

We had to stop everything because Mama was being silly because she “torgot”!


The other day as we were coming in our house after preschool and working, I unlocked the door and he ran inside to go find his beloved toys.  After about five minutes, he was sitting in the living room and said to me “I torgot to take off my shoes, That’s silly!”  And preceded to take off his shoes and put them in the cubby at the front entry way. 


It just tickles me …. I torgot (his pronunciation, not mine!)

Dancin’ with Grandma

Grandma Sandy and alex dancing at weddingphoto by Anna Halstead


Alex and Grandma Sandy had so much fun this last weekend.   Alex hasn’t been sleeping well and whenever my Mom comes over – she says to wake her up in the morning (no matter what time) if we want to sleep in for a few more minutes and she will go play with Alex. 


Well, little did she know that Saturday morning wake up call was 6:30 AM!!!


But, she gladly went downstairs with him while Lance and I took an extra 30 minutes and they had so much fun. 


He’s recently been learning about Pretend.  He can pretend he’s a bunny by hopping like one.  He can pretend he’s a frog by saying Ribbit.  He can pretend he’s a scuba diver by swimming along the floor. 


Well, they had taken it a lot farther than that – they had created a whole lego city complete with a preschool, a garage, a bus, a dinosaur house and lots of people.  There was even a grassy pasture with horse eating the grass.  They played like that for a long time and when we came down stairs we were shown all the buildings and people and what they were doing.  There was a “Bama Sandy” people that would sit in a chair as well as an Alex people who would drive the bus. 


Alex had so much fun with Bama Sandy.  He loves when she visits because they have so much fun! 



Garden project

We have taken on a massive project – more like multiple massive projects around here and I’ve finally had time to take the pictures and upload them to my computer to show you all.



Before pictures:

Landscape before remodel-2Final

Although, it’s green grass, the lawn was tough to mow because of all the ins and outs. 

Landscape before remodel (1)-2Final  There was a row of arborvitae (Yuck!) and a big patch of dead grass that was only spreading in our lawn.  Plus, it’s always nice to expand gardens and have less lawn to mow, right?


After pictures:


Note the new gardens by the entrance and the flagstone pathways.  The gravel over the grass will be our next project (getting a load of compost delivered this week and then spread it, then seed over it – should have nice new grass in about 1 month!)


And – NO ABORVITAE!  Yeah!  I’ve always hated those.  I plan to plant some rhodys or other taller plants to take their place – just not in one long row.  And see the border bricks outlining our new gardens???  Easy curves for the lawnmower and bigger gardens, less grass.  Again – you have to picture the green grass on the gravel – it’s coming soon!



During – the fun stuff:


Huge amounts of gravel to spread


Huge amounts of “tractor dirt” as Alex calls it  and those ugly aborvitae


A working man – he shoveled 30 tons of gravel, 12 yards of dirt, and has done most of the labor.  What a man!


Dump trucks to watch with Grandma Sandy – very fascinating to see REAL big dump trucks at our house!


Standing on top of big piles of dirt


Helping shovel – just like Daddy


Two dirty boys


Posing with his shades and dump truck


The trusty dump truck that was found at an antique store last spring that has been put to really good use over the last couple of months.

Pibe more minutes


More like…


Five more minutes!


What a great invention.  Somewhere along this journey we learned that toddlers like to make their own decisions.  They need choices.  So, we started offering Alex choices. 

Do you want to do this now or in 5 more minutes? 


Guess what the answer usually? 


“Pibe more minutes”