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Alex and Grandma Sandy had so much fun this last weekend.   Alex hasn’t been sleeping well and whenever my Mom comes over – she says to wake her up in the morning (no matter what time) if we want to sleep in for a few more minutes and she will go play with Alex. 


Well, little did she know that Saturday morning wake up call was 6:30 AM!!!


But, she gladly went downstairs with him while Lance and I took an extra 30 minutes and they had so much fun. 


He’s recently been learning about Pretend.  He can pretend he’s a bunny by hopping like one.  He can pretend he’s a frog by saying Ribbit.  He can pretend he’s a scuba diver by swimming along the floor. 


Well, they had taken it a lot farther than that – they had created a whole lego city complete with a preschool, a garage, a bus, a dinosaur house and lots of people.  There was even a grassy pasture with horse eating the grass.  They played like that for a long time and when we came down stairs we were shown all the buildings and people and what they were doing.  There was a “Bama Sandy” people that would sit in a chair as well as an Alex people who would drive the bus. 


Alex had so much fun with Bama Sandy.  He loves when she visits because they have so much fun! 




becky said...

Grandmas are THE best!