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My first REAL photo shoot

I had my first real photo shoot Sunday and I think it really well! 

I really wasn’t that nervous (I thought I would be) until right before we started.  It really helped knowing my good friend, Zoe, her husband and son.  I took some notes on poses that I thought would be good, and when my mind was stuck with what to do next…. I pulled it out and it gave me all the confidence I needed.   I remembered some of my tricks from my workshop in June: keep moving around, look for the light, find ways to get the kiddo to be involved, show the view screen to the customer to show them how wonderful they look, & don’t always take the posed shots.  Just some of the lessons I’ve learned and practiced over the many months, I guess

Little Liam was so fun to work with and he LOVED looking at the pictures after I took them on the the view screen.  It was so funny – he had the BIGGEST smile when looking at the view screen – but when it came time to take the pictures, it wasn’t that easy.  When I was taking a picture where Liam was the “cheese” between his parents as the sandwich he kept saying “we’re a family” and my heart about melted.  It was so right on.  Times go by so fast – sometimes I feel like I’m on a fast rollercoaster and in this moment, I slowed down and remembered what it means to be a family.  Thanks to Liam for reminding me!  That’s why I’m doing this – to capture those moments and have them to remember always. 

Here is a sneak peek of the wonderful family – thanks so much for trusting and believing in me!  It was so much fun!

Goldring (57) Final-2 Goldring (21) Final-2 Goldring (33) Final-2

Goldring (74) Final

Anyways – I would love to hear your comments – Let’s tell Zoe & Family how wonderful they look.   I think they look like a very happy family!