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What happened to November?


As my husband so elegantly pointed out to me this evening – I haven’t written on the blog since October!  Crazy how time flies by!


Well, after a 3 month photography class, being extremely busy at work and going on vacation in November for 9 days, I think those are some great reasons for taking a small break (if I do say so myself).


So, here are some pictures from our Disney World vacation – yes, we flew all the way to Florida and back (as the kids would say – Flor-di-da)



This was Sara’s 3rd airplane trip, and her first with her own seat.  She knew just what to do!  An ol’ pro!







We had a layover in Denver and it was just right for her nap on the second flight.  The plane was hot and she was bouncing around before take off and we had to de-ice, which just meant we had to take off her shirt as she was just getting too hot.  After the plane took off and there was the steady rumble of the engine – she passed out.  So cute!




On our first full day – Alex took me on Splash Mountain and I got soaked!  It doesn’t look like it here, but I was soaked.  It was in the evening and I was getting cold.  Lance kept reminding me it was Florida and in the upper sixties, but I kept reminding him that he wasn’t the one that was soaking wet.  Fast forward 7 days, and he was soaking wet in the middle of the day and who kept whining about being cold?  One guess - - - Yep – Mr. Lance Torgesen himself. 


I kept reminding him it was in the low seventies, there is no way he could possibly be cold…





We went to two character meals – one breakfast and one lunch.  Sara was pretty scared of the characters, but she really liked Daisy Duck enough to watch her from afar.  But, don’t get too close! 




Apparently Sara likes taking pictures of herself in the stroller while we are walking around….  I found at least 20 pictures that look similar to this on my phone.  Thank goodness for these bits of entertainment – she loved it and I get to see what she sees.




Alex actually took this photo of our transportation for the week.  Where ever we went – this is how we got there!





Alex showing Dad his muscles from eating his veggies!





Sara didn’t just ride in the stroller or walk, this was her preferred mode of transport.  Also, we noticed that when she rode like this, everywhere in Disney the arbors, buildings, etc were all tall enough without bumping her head.  Hmmm… maybe lots of kids ride in style while at DisneyWorld? 




We throughly enjoyed the pools at our hotel.  Sara loved the Kiddie Pool (although she called it the Kitty Pool – I kept asking her where the kitty cats were at).  We loved the pool, and loved the hot tub even more.  IMG_3192


My favorite park was Animal Kingdom and the kids favorite part of this park was the Dinoland Dino Dig.  This was one of the only places in the entire Disney World park that was actually like a kids park.  There were probably 10 slides and climbing, climbing stairs, nets, etc.  The kids absolutely loved it here.  It was great – the could run around – we could relax a bit.  All were happy.  We easily spent a number of hours here each time I visited (and in the 7 days I was there – I visited Animal Kingdom 3 times!).




Alex learned that rides are fun!  After getting over the initial work “Park” that Lance kept using, Alex got confused and was frustrated with the fact that this was NOT a park.  It was a place where there were a ton of people, you have to stand in line and wait????  Seriously, this is not a park.  He was expecting a big playground.  But, after he tasted the thrill of the ride – he was hooked.  We went on many. many, many rides with him.  He was only scared of Pirates of the Caribbean (bad choice on our part).  But, he LOVED Expedition Everest, Splash Mountain, Rock-n-Roller coaster, and best of all – Tower of Terror.  Ask him about it – he’ll tell you all about each one. 



On the way home – the time change caught up to Ms. Sara and she was passed out by the time we got back into Seattle.  All that turbulence and stimulation from DisneyWorld just all caught up.   She passed out on Daddy with her new Tinkerbell baby doll. 




The best part – at the end of the vacation – which, for the record I gave my best college try – Lance asked me “So, Hawaii next year?” 


And I said without hesitation “Yes”.    I admit it – I’m weird – I’m not a Disney person.   Although, I gave it my best try.  3 solid days of 12 hour days all the while carrying the backpack and sometimes a kid, wore me out.