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We had some snow around here recently, about 10” in fact!  Alex was in heaven and this was the first time Sara was walking and had opinions about things.  Alex LOVES the snow.  Sara, not so much.  She would stay out in it until her hands touched too much snow, and then she was done. 


The power went out for 12-18 hours and our generator worked perfectly.  We had our gas heat, gas water heater and gas stove to keep us comfy. 



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Snow!-86 blog

Cabin progress


It’s been a long time since I last updated on the cabin, and so much has been done.  So, here we go -


We have the boat structure up and the boat is in it – being protected from the elements as we speak (and apparently storage for some wood).


cabin - November-13 blog


The cabin is up and level, sided, the door and windows are on/in, the roof is done, the stairs up to the cabin are up, all it’s major pieces are put together and done!  There is so much left to be done, but it’s great to recognize how far we’ve come.  Lance was sweating the roof for a few weeks with the rains coming in November and the roof not finished yet, but we made it!  There was only a few minor rains before the roof was done…




cabin - November-18 blog


cabin - November-12 blog


cabin - November-11 blog


cabin - November-10 blog


We have yet to paint the outside (the yellow color is the primer) and the door.   We also hope (someday) to put on a small deck surrounding the front of the cabin, by the door, and to the left of the house facing the fire pit. 


This is what the inside looks like right now.   We have a lot of work to do here.  Electrical, insulation, walls, paint, floor, furniture, bedding and an outhouse.  That doesn’t seem like too much, right?  Well, the good part is that we are in no rush and we can take our time (except the outhouse which needs to be done first thing this Spring/Summer). 



cabin - November-8-EditTz blog



We bought some twin mattresses (the only size that will fit up the pull-down ladder up to the loft area) and put them up in the loft.  We’ve used the cabin a few times in September, once in October as a whole family and Lance and Alex did one time in November by themselves.  But, with no insulation and only a space heater, it was pretty cold I guess.  We’re waiting for it to warm up in late Spring to stay down there again.


We plan on getting a couple more twin beds for the loft area to make a nice sleeping area up there for all of us.  Downstairs is planned to have a hide-a-bed couch (for extra sleeping space), some furniture for storage and a table & chairs. 


We are so excited for this Summer to spend many weekends down at the beach in our cabin.  We hope to have many friends and family join us! 



Kids playing with glow sticks up in the loft.

cabin - November-3 blog



and two happy, lucky cabin kids

cabin - November-22 blog



It’ almost looks like what we imagined last summer before anything was built!

Cabin property-1a

Cabin property-2a

Sara pig-tails


I’ve been patiently waiting for this day to arrive, when her hair is long enough to get into pig-tails (and when she’ll let me).  That day finally arrived!  It lasted a good half a day, but a glorious half a day it was! 


So cute!




Sara pig tails first time-1 blog


Sara pig tails first time-3 blog


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Sara pig tails first time-9 blog

Ear tubes for Sara




After 6 months and 6 ear infections – we were ready!


Ear tubes worked perfectly for Alex and we were ready for some miracles with Sara’s ears.  There is nothing wrong with her ears, it’s just the Eustachian tubes are so small and relatively flat in young kids.  For some kids, it makes it so they get recurrent ear infections that impact quality of life, the vast majority have no problems at all.  In time, as they grow, kids grow out of this stage.  Just like Alex did.  He had his tubes removed this summer and hasn’t had any problems since.



It was an early Christmas present for Mom and Dad – these little tubes. 



First, we get to the hospital and “Bobo” the monkey gets a bracelet too, just like Sara.  And then you get this lovely gown and “one size fits none” socks that don’t stay on (very long).  Sara was calm and her usual happy self through all of this.  I don’t know if it was because of this calmness, they didn’t give her any of the valium like relaxer that they gave Alex prior to surgery.  But, no matter – she didn’t need it.  How different two kids can be boggles the mind sometimes!

Sara ear tubes-7 blog


Sara ear tubes-9 blog


Some quiet snuggles with Dad and Mom before the procedure and before you know it – it was her time to go.  We were the first surgery of the day and we were ready. 

Sara ear tubes-12 blog


Sara ear tubes-15 blog

I asked, once again, to be able to take my child back to the OR and get her comfortable.  They agreed to let me go back and I got all doo-ded up.  I took her back to the operating room and she was calm as I laid her down on the table.  They placed the mask over her face and allowed her to breathe the gas.  She didn’t really like this, so I helped hold it there.  It only took a few breaths and she was out.  They escorted me out, I thanked them for allowing me the opportunity to do this as it is so much better for me and her.  Otherwise, they would take her from us and she would start crying/screaming and be put to sleep that way.  This way, she sees my face back there and goes to sleep seeing my calm face. 


Sara ear tubes-17 blog


It was literally like – 6 minutes – before the surgeon came out and said her surgery was done and it went well.  She had an ear infection at the time and placed the tubes in her ear drums.  We had to wait a bit longer for her to get out of recovery (~20 minutes) and then we got to see our sweet baby.


She was calm and just wanted to snuggle and said very clearly “purple” when asked what color of popsicle she wanted.  In fact, after she scarfed that one down, she asked for another purple popsicle.  And some juice. 


When Alex came back to us after recovery for his ear tube surgery, it was a whole different story.  He was crying and hysterical.  It took a good 10 minutes to calm him down.  How different two kids can be.


Another thing I really appreciate about Children’s is they allow the kid’s stuffed animals back with them, so it was comforting to know that Bobo was going to be there when she woke up in recovery, but we weren’t there yet.



Sara ear tubes-19 blog


Sara ear tubes-22 blog

We were getting ready to get outta there – changed her clothes back to her pj’s - And then was the time for a full out breakdown.  Fall down on the floor, screaming, no reason/logic, no cuddle, no nothing… except the warm blanket on the floor for a few minutes. 


Sara ear tubes-29 blog

Then, perfectly fine again and ready to go home.  You never know how surgery is going to affect you, but after we got home it was a pretty normal day for her.  Not overly groggy, just wanted to play and eat/drink, and play some more.


The best part is that they ear tubes appear to be working really well.  She’s had ~3 colds already and no ear infections (knock on wood). 


Yeah ear tubes!




Gosh, I feel so behind in my blogging.  Things have been busy, for sure.  Well, better late than never….



Sara helped pick out the tree, Alex was at Grandma Sandy’s and Papa Tebe’s making a present for Mom and Dad (a hand carved ice cream scoop) 


Christmas preparations-18 blog


Sara helping Dad put up the tree (without pants – that’s how she rolls sometimes!)


Christmas preparations-20 blog

We decorated with jingle bells, snowflakes and bead candy canes again this year – a hit with the jingle bells.


Christmas preparations-25 blog


We had a reindeer visit us for a little bit

Christmas preparations-30 blog


Christmas preparations-49 blog


Christmas preparations-50 blog



And the big morning – Alex was SO excited.  He woke us up ~ 7:10 AM and I had to go get the camera set up before he could come downstairs.  He saw the unwrapped Santa presents and went right for something that was “iPad” shaped thinking that he was getting one. 


Sorry kid, no go. 


It was glow in the dark stars for his bedroom ceiling.  But, can’t blame a kid for wishing….


Christmas 2011-2 blog


Next on to the biggest box – a globe.  Has been a huge hit!

Christmas 2011-7 blog


Christmas 2011-9 blog



Sara even “got” unwrapping the presents and after a little help starting unwrapping – she could rip into them like a pro. 

Christmas 2011-24 blog


One of Alex’s favorite gifts was the whole Toy Story crew (like the movie).  Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie and Bullseye.  And they talk when you pull their string!

Christmas 2011-34 blog


Officially Woody and Buzz are Alex’s and Jessie and Bullseye are Sara’s, but they have been doing OK at sharing.  Not perfect, but OK.  We’ve had a lot of “yahoo”s and “ye-ha”s at our house lately! 

Christmas 2011-48 blog


Sara got a new “big kid” helmet for riding this year!Christmas 2011-41 blog

And Santa delivered, not a blue batman scooter like requested, but a blue razor scooter (like Mickey’s that we borrowed when we were in San Diego).  This kid is a master scooter rider! 

Christmas 2011-60 blog


Not only a scooter, but a “real” BIG KID skate board too – I wonder who the kid here is….


Christmas 2011-64 blog


We had family over for Christmas dinner and Grandma Sandy and Sara were busy making the salad with pomegranate seeds, she was eating them up!


Christmas 2011-100 blog


Papa Tebe and Alex were busy drawing dinosaurs – a BIG hit! 



Christmas 2011-103 blog



Sara liked her drawing pad and pencil too!

Christmas 2011-112 blog


Grandpa Dave was asking Alex to explain what “Angry Birds” is.  Alex was good at explaining his strategy.  When Alex was first learning about this game, he would ask Grandma Connie and Lance what their “strategy” was – what a big word!

Christmas 2011-127 blog

All in all – a very good Christmas.