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Gosh, I feel so behind in my blogging.  Things have been busy, for sure.  Well, better late than never….



Sara helped pick out the tree, Alex was at Grandma Sandy’s and Papa Tebe’s making a present for Mom and Dad (a hand carved ice cream scoop) 


Christmas preparations-18 blog


Sara helping Dad put up the tree (without pants – that’s how she rolls sometimes!)


Christmas preparations-20 blog

We decorated with jingle bells, snowflakes and bead candy canes again this year – a hit with the jingle bells.


Christmas preparations-25 blog


We had a reindeer visit us for a little bit

Christmas preparations-30 blog


Christmas preparations-49 blog


Christmas preparations-50 blog



And the big morning – Alex was SO excited.  He woke us up ~ 7:10 AM and I had to go get the camera set up before he could come downstairs.  He saw the unwrapped Santa presents and went right for something that was “iPad” shaped thinking that he was getting one. 


Sorry kid, no go. 


It was glow in the dark stars for his bedroom ceiling.  But, can’t blame a kid for wishing….


Christmas 2011-2 blog


Next on to the biggest box – a globe.  Has been a huge hit!

Christmas 2011-7 blog


Christmas 2011-9 blog



Sara even “got” unwrapping the presents and after a little help starting unwrapping – she could rip into them like a pro. 

Christmas 2011-24 blog


One of Alex’s favorite gifts was the whole Toy Story crew (like the movie).  Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie and Bullseye.  And they talk when you pull their string!

Christmas 2011-34 blog


Officially Woody and Buzz are Alex’s and Jessie and Bullseye are Sara’s, but they have been doing OK at sharing.  Not perfect, but OK.  We’ve had a lot of “yahoo”s and “ye-ha”s at our house lately! 

Christmas 2011-48 blog


Sara got a new “big kid” helmet for riding this year!Christmas 2011-41 blog

And Santa delivered, not a blue batman scooter like requested, but a blue razor scooter (like Mickey’s that we borrowed when we were in San Diego).  This kid is a master scooter rider! 

Christmas 2011-60 blog


Not only a scooter, but a “real” BIG KID skate board too – I wonder who the kid here is….


Christmas 2011-64 blog


We had family over for Christmas dinner and Grandma Sandy and Sara were busy making the salad with pomegranate seeds, she was eating them up!


Christmas 2011-100 blog


Papa Tebe and Alex were busy drawing dinosaurs – a BIG hit! 



Christmas 2011-103 blog



Sara liked her drawing pad and pencil too!

Christmas 2011-112 blog


Grandpa Dave was asking Alex to explain what “Angry Birds” is.  Alex was good at explaining his strategy.  When Alex was first learning about this game, he would ask Grandma Connie and Lance what their “strategy” was – what a big word!

Christmas 2011-127 blog

All in all – a very good Christmas.