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San Diego trip, days one and two




We are all better now, thank you.  Sara had another ear infection, then got ear tubes (finally! all went well, more later), then we all got the stomach flu.  It was a rough couple of weeks around this house.  But, with a little R&R, we are all better and the ear tubes have been doing their jobs. 


I’m finally getting back to my San Diego photos and have days one and two to show you. 




The kids were so excited about the airport and the airplane.  They had their backpacks packed with toys for the airplane and they were ready!  Once again the airport playground was magnificent!



San Diego-6 blog


San Diego-14 blog


We arrived in San Diego after a non-eventful, yet toy filled airplane ride.  We were worried since Sara had an infection and was on antibiotics.  We were thinking she might have some ear problems with going up/down.  But, it was actually Alex whose ears hurt a bit going down.  A lovely fellow airplane mate gave him some gum to chew and that solved the problem right away.  We arrived and got to our rental car and drove about 30 minutes to Oceanside.  During this time both kids slept, since they both hadn’t slept on the plane.   


The beach was beautiful!  The sun was shining and we had to adjust our eyes for a day or so to this bright sun.  It was glorious!


San Diego-23 blog


San Diego-31 blog



We went walking on the pier and Sara was a little unsure of those cracks and proceeded to walk very carefully!  She loved her “I-goo” (Owl) lovey this entire vacation and carried her around most places.  We saw pelicans galore on the pier – so cool to see up close (but not too close!).





San Diego-44 blog


San Diego-45 blog


San Diego-48 blog


San Diego-52 blog


San Diego-63 blog

We played on the beach and felt the warm sand in our toes.  The ocean was cold, but you could get used to it.   The warm sun on your skin made up for all the cold water. 



San Diego-74 blog


Once Alex knew there was a thing called “surfing” or “boogey boarding” – he wanted to do it.  Connie’s grandkids wetsuits to the rescue!  We fit Alex up just right and out he went into the water!  He got right out there and loved it!  He did it until he got too cold and wanted to just come in a be warm again. 

San Diego-76 blog


San Diego-112 blog


San Diego-124 blog

Sara’s favorite thing was the sand and she loved tasting it too!  That made for some “rough” times later on…


San Diego-85 blog


San Diego-128 blog



San Diego-132 blog

A nice warm up on the deck facing the beach with some snacks will do just the trick, for all.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That brings back some good memories! I forgot all we did, and how cute the kids were on the beach! Looking forward to more updates! Bama C.