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San Diego, Day 3 and 4


Days 3 and 4 of our San Diego trip were great, we were feeling rested and ready to explore!  LEGOLAND was a mere 10 minutes away from where we were staying, so naturally – we went! 


It was great for little kids, but not too little.  They were strict on height and age requirements, which meant Alex could go mostly on everything, and Sara could only go on a few things.  The good news is that Sara, being an easy going toddler who really didn’t care about going ON the rides, made it easy and just had a fun time being around her.  Alex had a BLAST!  He loved it!  There were basically no lines, no wait times at all, you just got right on.  The park was easy to navigate. 


Alex’s favorite of all favorites was the roller coasters.  He loved them and probably went 10 times.  Sara’s favorite was the bins of Legos! 


The stroller was a hit – Alex loved riding on the back where they have a stand where “big kids” can rest a bit from walking.  Sara snoozed away comfortably when it was her time to nap while we were out at LEGOLAND.  This was her first day taking a nap at the park while out and about, so it took a bit of walking around, but it finally worked and she had a good 1+ hour nap.  Which is good for out and about naps.  My plans for the stroller on the trip worked perfectly. 



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The next day we took the Coaster down to San Diego and Lance, Alex and Grandpa T. went to the aircraft carrier and Connie, myself and Sara went shopping at a village by the water right downtown.  We all had a great time, no pictures except for the Coaster ride (aka train or choo-choo ride!).  The kids loved the “real” train ride!  And we did too, since it’s so convenient!



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