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Cabin progress


It’s been a long time since I last updated on the cabin, and so much has been done.  So, here we go -


We have the boat structure up and the boat is in it – being protected from the elements as we speak (and apparently storage for some wood).


cabin - November-13 blog


The cabin is up and level, sided, the door and windows are on/in, the roof is done, the stairs up to the cabin are up, all it’s major pieces are put together and done!  There is so much left to be done, but it’s great to recognize how far we’ve come.  Lance was sweating the roof for a few weeks with the rains coming in November and the roof not finished yet, but we made it!  There was only a few minor rains before the roof was done…




cabin - November-18 blog


cabin - November-12 blog


cabin - November-11 blog


cabin - November-10 blog


We have yet to paint the outside (the yellow color is the primer) and the door.   We also hope (someday) to put on a small deck surrounding the front of the cabin, by the door, and to the left of the house facing the fire pit. 


This is what the inside looks like right now.   We have a lot of work to do here.  Electrical, insulation, walls, paint, floor, furniture, bedding and an outhouse.  That doesn’t seem like too much, right?  Well, the good part is that we are in no rush and we can take our time (except the outhouse which needs to be done first thing this Spring/Summer). 



cabin - November-8-EditTz blog



We bought some twin mattresses (the only size that will fit up the pull-down ladder up to the loft area) and put them up in the loft.  We’ve used the cabin a few times in September, once in October as a whole family and Lance and Alex did one time in November by themselves.  But, with no insulation and only a space heater, it was pretty cold I guess.  We’re waiting for it to warm up in late Spring to stay down there again.


We plan on getting a couple more twin beds for the loft area to make a nice sleeping area up there for all of us.  Downstairs is planned to have a hide-a-bed couch (for extra sleeping space), some furniture for storage and a table & chairs. 


We are so excited for this Summer to spend many weekends down at the beach in our cabin.  We hope to have many friends and family join us! 



Kids playing with glow sticks up in the loft.

cabin - November-3 blog



and two happy, lucky cabin kids

cabin - November-22 blog



It’ almost looks like what we imagined last summer before anything was built!

Cabin property-1a

Cabin property-2a