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San Diego, rest of the trip


After days 3-4, we needed some rest time.  We stayed at the beach, played at a playground and hung around. 


San Diego 3-46 blog


San Diego 3-53 blog


The next BIG thing was Disneyland!  Alex was so excited to see Mickey Mouse, the REAL Mickey Mouse.  That is pretty much all he wanted to do there.  Although, I felt like I had one more kid on this trip – a big kid.  Lance wanted to go on Star Tours, Lance wanted to go on this ride, that ride and just on one more, then we can go see Mickey Mouse.  Well, at lunch time, after much breakdowns, we finally were able to go find Mickey.  And there was a 20 minute line….


There were some lessons learned on this Disney trip…

1) get a hotel there, even though you are only staying 1 hour away.

2) go in the morning, let you and your kids have a break mid-day (in said hotel) and come back in afternoon/evening

3) otherwise, suffer the consequences of your parental decisions…

4) have lots of patience, the lines were MUCH longer than LEGOLAND and 4 year olds don’t understand lines (let alone 15-20 minute lines)


We had some tired kids on our hands.  Even though we did very little the day before and tried to “rest up”, the kids were tired and cranky after all the travel and all the places we were going.  We probably should’ve gone earlier in the week.  Let’s just say this was an expensive ~6 hours at Disneyland. 


At one point before lunch (~11 am) we wondered if we should leave the park, drive the kids around so they could nap and come back.  Instead, we decided to break for lunch early at 11:00 and see what happened.  If things got better, then we would power through knowing we would only make it to ~ 3:30 or 4:00 pm.  Or if things were still bad after an (expensive) lunch – then, we would leave and try plan B. 


Lunch seemed to do the trick and we powered through.  The highlights were Tarzan’s tree house, storm troupers and of course Mickey.  Lance liked the rides he went on.  I only went on Space Mountain with Alex and he was so scared since it’s an all in the dark rollercoaster ride.  Sara’s highlights were riding on Daddy’s shoulders for the best view in the whole place! 


All in all – we probably won’t be going back any time soon…


expensive, crowded….


San Diego 4-1 blog


San Diego 4-7 blog


San Diego 4-15 blog


San Diego 4-21 blog


San Diego 4-24 blog


San Diego 4-27 blog

After the Disney fiasco breakdowns, we decided to just stay at the beach the rest of our time.  We got some good family photos, with all of us in it at the same time.  We played on the beach with Grandma Connie in the water, admired the BEAUTIFUL sunsets, surfed some more with cousin Mickey, played video games at Mickey’s house, played Angry Birds together with Mickey (Mickey is a favorite person in this house), and then, as fast as we arrived, we were on our way home.  The airplane was a hit with both kids.  Sara still talks about it all the time. 


We had a splendid time and can’t wait to get back!


San Diego 6-38 blog


San Diego 4-48 blog


San Diego 4-50 blog


San Diego 4-97 blog



San Diego 5-3 blog



“see Mom – I want to surf like this”

San Diego 5-4 blog



Alex actually did get up surfing one time – he was so excited!  And then he fell (he thinks real surfers don’t fall) and was pretty scared/cold.  Grandpa T. rescued him right away, but it shook his confidence for a little while. 

San Diego 5-35 blog


San Diego 5-36 blog


San Diego 5-37 blog


San Diego 5-41 blog


But, after a little warm up – he was back at it!

San Diego 5-63 blog


One of the best parts was Mickey was there too!


San Diego 5-71 blog



San Diego 6-79 blog



And Mickey loved playing Angry Birds as much as Alex did – and showed him some new tips/tricks.

San Diego 5-74 blog



San Diego 6-89 blog



On our way home – weighing ourselves for the fun of it!

San Diego 7-1 blog