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{We are trying to enjoy and record the moments that make life special}
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Spring, in a nutshell…


It’s now summer and I haven’t even really posted about Spring!  It has been a super fun Spring with lots to show and tell! 


I guess I will just make small posts about all the happenings around the Torgesen household…


Let’s start with a monkey princess pajama girl – she’s the BEST!  She was running low on pjs and I picked up these mis-matching (gasp!) pieces and threw them together.  Sara noticed the “monkey princess” right away and deemed them her favorite.  They are soft, and this girl is all about texture.  As in, if it’s soft and snuggly – she’ll wear it.  If rough or scratchy, she won’t.  I see cashmere in this girls future!  (just like her Mama!)


Sara and her new pjs (2)-small