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{We are trying to enjoy and record the moments that make life special}
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How much fun one little helium balloon can be! Bella loved playing with Alex and the balloon and it finally ended up popped. But those 15 minutes were sure so much fun and laughter.

new shoes

Alex got some new shoes this weekend!

These are stage 2 striderite shoes. He needed new shoes becuase the Robeez leather shoes weren't cutting it anymore now that he's walking. He is going out on the playground with the big kids (1-2yr olds) and playing on the wet grass. The leather shoes get wet!
So, $45 later - voila! And size 5! Is it totally insane that an 11 month old has size 5 shoes? I don't know the shoe sizes of other 11 month olds - but it sure seems big to me!
It took him about 30 minutes to figure out how to walk with these new bigger shoes. Then, he was off and walking about as if nothing had happened.

Beach House

Here is a picture of me - from the early 1980's - sitting in front of the beach house my family would often rent on Spring vacation. I was probably 5 or 6 years old. The house is exactly the same, but the slope in front of the house has erroded quite a bit.

We are heading to the same house for Spring Break 2008, and Alex's 1 year birthday in a couple of weeks.

I've been going to this same house for over 25 years!

I'm so excited to share this with my boy!


Yes, walking!

Not just 2-3 steps.

But, across the room.

For a couple of days it was just between Mom and Dad across the room, but now he'll pull himself up and walk towards his toys, away from us!

He played with the big kids this week (the 1-2 year old class) and they are all walking. So, since he'd beed taking steps here and there - this is all the motivation he needed to figure it all out.

We had 2 incident reports last week from him walking and falling and hitting his head on something. He now has 3 bruises on his face and we are predicting many more incident reports in the upcoming weeks.

Our little man - walking!

cutie pie Valentine

My Love, Be my Valentine!
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Sign language

We have been signing to Alex for quite a while now... maybe 5 months. And just today I recognized his first sign.


The sign for "water" is made by forming your right hand into the letter "w."
Touch your mouth with your index finger.
Repeat a few times.

We ordered off the kids menu (mac and cheese!) for the first time today while we were enjoying a lunch date with our boy after signing the refinance papers. We got a little plastic cup and were giving him sips and signing for him.

He signed back! He wanted the water and was thirsty.

Or what we took as signing back "water". He put his hand to his mouth in a very direct manner.

It was truely amazing! 5 months and we get some validation that it is working.

Bella is 5 years old!

Our little Bella is 5 years old! It seem like just yesterday (cliche', I know!) that we brought her home and started our adventures together. We found her in the paper from a couple who wanted a cute puppy and bought her at a puppy store (meaning she was from a puppy mill). They lived in a condo and worked full time and were going to night classes.
Not working out so well.
But, it was destiny! We brought her home and slowly and patiently (OK, not always perfectly patiently) worked on some of the bad things she'd learned in her short 7 months on this earth. We worked on eating and not running and hiding, submissive peeing, and being secure in her puppy-hood.
We took puppy classes, obeidence classes, agility classes. We ran on the trails and played on the beach. We went to the Oregon Coast and played on those beaches.
We ride in cars and take trips to Petco. She loves sqeeky, rubbery toys and also stuffed animal type toys. We had struggles with her getting up at night (is it me or is it just a coincedence about sleeping?) and where she slept. We worked through the clipping nails and now she trusts me with that so we don't have to pay $8/clip. We bought sweaters and parkas. I probably took 1000 pictures of my little girl. (alas, our old computer's harddrive crashed and I only have some of the photos back then from other sources).
(Back up your photos! - lesson learned!)
We dealt with a new fluffy puppy named Rock (look of disgust in her eyes is funny!).
But, they soon became friends...

But, most of all - we just snuggle and love.

We love you Bella! Happy Birthday!

incident report #56

Yesterday Alex came home with another incident report. This one necessitated a call to Dad minutes after the incident to make sure he didn't need to go home. He was playing at a small toy sink in the classroom and was walking around it. He let go with one hand and slipped turning his arm and hit his head on the sink as he fell.
I think it's a enamel type sink, very heavy. But, just at thier height.
He hit his head and got a big bump and bruise - see picture.
First aid administered: TLC and and ice pack for 5 minutes.
Daycare removed the sink from the classroom.
It's times like these that I feel so guilty for everything. Not being there, not being close enough to daycare, not calling daycare enough, not feeling like I know what he does all day, not loving him enough when we are together, not raising my boy myself, not knowing enough about raising my boy, etc etc etc.
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Pump, oh Pump!

Pump, oh pump! You used to be my best friend
At least for now, our pairing has come to an end

We started out pumping right from the start
After our little one was born early (34 weeks) and couldn’t do his part

I got up and fed him with a bottle every single night
Then pumped all I could with all of my might

When Breastfeeding got easier and we made the switch
We realized that pump wasn’t needed and it went of with a hitch

My little one was growing and loved Breastfeeding
Before you knew it – he was ten pounds! And we were succeeding!

You worked right on through, returning to a working career
To provide my baby the best, we had to persevere

Now at our baby is almost a year old
This time has been so wonderful to unfold

Save you for next time, we will see
Provide my baby with the best, my best (breast) friend and me


We're hanging out watching the Superbowl today and making geo duck chowder at Lance's request. Although, not the traditional "clam" chowder - it's really good and what we have. We have to stock up again in June for a whole year of geo duck!
Hmmm - even though Lance wants the Giants to win - why does he want New England style chowder? Hmmmm
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bubble hair

Since our boy can't seem to grow his own hair (3rd percentile) - we decided to give him some!
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