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Happy 5th Birthday Sara

Happy 5th Birthday Sara!

Wow how 5 years fly by!  

Here you were below in your first day of life "on the outside".  You are such a big kid now, sometimes I still catch myself calling you a little girl and you are swift to correct me.  

You are in princess mode full swing and loving every minute of it.  You are also a fun and interesting combination of stubborn, easy-going, independence, shy and sensitive if I ever saw it!  But, at the same time you are in princess mode (perhaps even wearing a princess dress) - you are out there climbing trees, going up in the treehouse, bouncing on the trampoline, riding your big wheel with only hands and one foot and generally being quite the wonderful exploratory kiddo.  

This past year has been wonderful, we have so much fun together!  You and I both love shoes and love shopping together.  We love to paint our toenails and have amassed quite a collection of all the colors of the rainbow.  You still love to paint and this is probably your favorite activity.  But, sidewalk chalk, markers, especially sparkly ones, and glitter glue rank up there pretty high.  

This past winter was a big one for you - you learned how to ski!  From never being on them before in your life - to skiing down (and getting on a chair lift first) the slopes.  I will never forget how proud you were of yourself and how much fun we had.  

I cherish my memories of the day you were born.  I was so happy to meet you!  

I can’t wait to share this year along side you.  It’s going to be so much fun!  Kindergarten - here we come!

I love you with all my heart!  

Those cheeks!

Sara - 2 year old

Sara - 3 years old

Sara - 4 years old

Sara -  almost 5 

Happy 8th Birthday Alex

Happy 8th Birthday Alex!

I asked you if I could take some pictures of you on your last day of being 7 – and to my surprise – you said yes! 

So, here we were on your last day of being 7 (yesterday) to take some pictures of my handsome boy, in his favorite superman shirt in our front yard after work/school.  You even came up with the pose where you hold up 8 fingers all by yourself and lie on the ground.  Your dirty knees were from playing at recess and they make this picture my favorite.  I love how you love to play (all the time!) and dirty boy knees are my favorite.  You asked me if I thought 8 would be as fun as year 7 was – and my only answer was that it was going to be even more fun!  We recounted how 7 was really fun (hard to think it can be beat), but 6 was also really fun, but 5 was really fun… and so on. 

When you were born 8 years ago – you were a little preemie boy at 5 lbs 2 oz due to my pre-eclampsia.  Your lungs weren't developed yet and you needed help breathing.  Then you developed jaundice (hence the “sunglasses”) and had to learn/have enough energy to eat enough.  But, you were quite the Spunky boy.  Even today – that nickname has stuck.   You are still the same feisty boy on the day you were born.  We don’t have that problem of getting you to eat enough – quite the opposite.  Nowadays – you are hungry (literally) every 20 minutes.  Even after a big dinner. 

I can’t wait to share your 8th year along side you.  It’s going to be so much fun!  I love you with all my heart! 

Sara's new hairdo

Sara got a REAL haircut this weekend. Not a $13 cut, but a real designer haircut. Although she was a little bummed to not get a lollipop, she did get some pink hair chalk streaks and thinks it is the cats meow.  It was totally her idea!  I love my girl!

I think it suits her!  

So, what did we do next????  Go out and get some pink (and purple) hair chalk for future uses!