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Alex soccer

Alex has been having an absolute blast on his soccer team this year.  This is the 3rd year he’s been on the same team, with the same excellent coach, with a handful of them returning for the 3rd year as well.  This year they have 4 kids on the field instead of just 3, with the additional player playing “sweeper-keeper” (aka goalie).  Alex loves getting physical, has amazingly good foot skills, and the goalie is a fun position for the kids to all try out.  I have a lot of sweeper-keeper pictures of him because he isn’t moving so fast that I can actually capture him! 


He is so fun to watch out there on the playing field.  He’s having fun and asking his coach when he can go back in.  They play hard!  When the soccer season starts in late August and early September – there have been some game days that have been ~88 degrees when they play.  Hot!  We haven’t hit the rainy weather yet, but we know it’s coming. 



Alex soccer 2 (4)-small

How Boys U8 “decompress” after games (dog-pile!).  Of course, Alex is right in the middle of it all. 



Alex soccer 2 (23)-small


Alex soccer 2 (38)-small


Soccer 1 (13)-small

After a really hot game – he likes to douse his head with water and make a mohawk. 

Soccer 1 (16)-small



Daredevils game 4 (18)-small


Daredevils game 4 (19)-small


Daredevils game 4 (27)-small


Daredevils game 4 (49)-small



Daredevils game 5 (30)-small


Daredevils game 5 (42)-small


Daredevils game 5 (78)-small


Daredevils game 5 (151)-small


Daredevils game 5 (169)-small

Oh yes she did…




As in, cut her own hair…


It was a Friday night and I was going to go workout – Sara was happily playing downstairs after work (Alex and Lance were at soccer practice).  I was gone for about 2 minutes and came downstairs to a pile of hair and some kid scissors gone wrong.  OH MY… OH MY…, I thought!  It could be so much worse. 


She actually did quite a nice job, going from a bob to a “tapered” bob.  When asked why she did it – she simply said she didn’t want to chew on her hair anymore (causing tangles and many requests to stop it).  She simply solved her problem. 


Like any self respecting photographer – I asked her to take the pile – o - hair and the scissors to better light to take a picture! 


This was truly a first for me! 



Sara cuts her own hair! (2)-small


Sara cuts her own hair! (5)-small



We straightened it out a bit with a stylist next morning she is amazingly beautiful and  totally cute 4 year old! 




photo 2


photo 3

photo 4