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Oh yes she did…




As in, cut her own hair…


It was a Friday night and I was going to go workout – Sara was happily playing downstairs after work (Alex and Lance were at soccer practice).  I was gone for about 2 minutes and came downstairs to a pile of hair and some kid scissors gone wrong.  OH MY… OH MY…, I thought!  It could be so much worse. 


She actually did quite a nice job, going from a bob to a “tapered” bob.  When asked why she did it – she simply said she didn’t want to chew on her hair anymore (causing tangles and many requests to stop it).  She simply solved her problem. 


Like any self respecting photographer – I asked her to take the pile – o - hair and the scissors to better light to take a picture! 


This was truly a first for me! 



Sara cuts her own hair! (2)-small


Sara cuts her own hair! (5)-small



We straightened it out a bit with a stylist next morning she is amazingly beautiful and  totally cute 4 year old! 




photo 2


photo 3

photo 4