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Soccer Season has started for Sara




We have another season of fall soccer upon us and this is Sara’s 2nd year playing.  She’s one of the “big” kids on the 3 & 4 year old team with “experience”.  She is loving it so far and is really fun to watch.  But, I don’t get to just watch her – as I’m the coach again this year.  I have ten 3 & 4 year olds on the Rattlesnakes (I didn’t choose it!) team.  I also have a wonderful assistant coach from Argentina who is so great to c0-coach with! 


Sara loves wearing soccer cleats and loves they have a little pink outline on the symbol.  She seems to officially have switched from her favorite color being green to being pink & purple, sniff sniff! 


It’s co-ed this year, but next year is all girls.  I’m so excited about this.  Boys and girls are just different.  When Alex was playing with girls, I thought it was “good” for him to learn to play with girls on his team.  Now that I have a girl – I want an all girls team.  I don’t want those boys to run her over, push her down (even though they are on the same team!) and hog the ball.  For now, it’s still good for Sara to play with a co-ed team.  She’s used to boys because of her big brother, I guess.  Next year… next year. 


What else can I say – she runs after the ball, kicks the ball, and has made a goal! 



Sara soccer 1 (51)-small




Sara soccer 1 (2)-small


Sara soccer 1 (7)-small



Sara soccer 1 (8)-small


Sara soccer 1 (9)-small


Sara soccer 1 (16)-small