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Future bicycler

Alex just loves to say "bike". He knows that bicycles are "bikes" and even motorcycles are "bikes"! Even though it sounds more like "bite" when he says it - we're pretty sure since he points when he says it. He loves playing with Daddy's tire pump and just recently decided to try on a helmet for size. He says he needs a smaller one! We are currently looking for a tricycle for him since he loves this kind of stuff and I'm sure we'll find one soon. We've also considered one of those bicycle seats that attach to the bike (not the pull behind kind, but the one that actually attaches to the bike).
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Gone to Denver for business

I just returned from my first business trip away from Alex. When my boss asked, I said that I had to talk to Lance first, but then after we agreed that it would be fine, I said yes. But, in my mind, as the words were coming out of my mouth - I was screaming NO NO NO!

I knew it would be OK, and it was for the most part. I left a 3PM on Wednesday afternoon and left a little note for Alex (for Lance to read to him) that night. After a very nice flight to Denver I called home after I picked up my rental car. Alex was in the background and Lance put him up to the phone and I told him how much I missed him and loved him. He kept saying Mama Mama and was actually talking to me!

Apparently that night he fell asleep on Lance while watching tv and he put him to bed in our bed. We figured it would probably be much easier for both of them. He slept all night!

Lance got up and ready while Alex was still sleeping and finally had to wake him up to get ready to go. When I emailed that morning, while I was in a meeting, this is what Lance wrote me:

Everything was good last night, but this morning he REALLY missed his Momma. We slept in our bed and when I woke him up (after doing everything I needed to) he said “Momma?” and then started looking for you under the covers, in the closet, in the bathroom, etc. Daddy kept saying that Momma is in Denver and that she would be home tonight. He was pretty sad on the drive down and was very clingy when I left him at daycare. I miss you and love you.

I had tears well up in my eyes during the meeting, but tears of joy not sadness. He knew I wasn't there and that he missed me. It was my first night away from him and things were pretty OK. I think the good part was it was only one night. I think a few more days and I would've been a wreck!

I called again on Thursday around 5pm from Denver and told Lance I would be home around midnight. I asked him to tell Alex that I would come home that night and snuggle in with him in our bed.

I missed him quite a bit even though things were OK on my first business trip away from him. I'm just glad I don't travel that often. In fact, the last time I traveled for business I was 7 mo pregnant going to Washington DC for a conference.

What I realized was that being gone to work 5 days a week is enough for me to be away from him (too much time away, but no part-time for me in the near or far future). I cherish and anticipate when Lance and Alex are coming home each night and I have to keep myself busy just from jumping out of my skin sometimes.

Bathroom Remodel ... almost done, almost!

Almost done - but not quite. We just have to have the glass door for the shower installed along with the mirrors (should be on Monday). A couple of changes, adding an outlet where the contractor and I had a miscommunication, separating the fan and a light on the switch, and adding a "roof jack" for the fan to vent. Apparently all the air is going out of a 2" hole and it's causing the fan to be very noisy. After the roof jack is installed it should fix the noisy fan.

Although we are in the home stretch - it feels like it's taking a long time to finish all the little details. We already have our next (huge) project scheduled for Labor day weekend! The stairs.

But, for now - a picture update of the bathroom.

The shower is all done, except for the final plumbing fixtures and the glass shower door. The one thing I would probably change if I could - would be the glass block. If I could go back, it would be just glass, with a glass shower door in the middle. But, since we aren't made of money - it will stay. It's just the darn grout! I didn't even think about glass block having grout! I do not like to keep up grout.

Here is a veiw of the tile in the shower. I love the little clear glass tiles randomly placed in the chocolate brown stripe. I'm so glad I made that last minute decision.

The new vanity, countertop, sinks, etc. All the fitures are in now and the lighting. We are just waiting on the mirrors.

Here is a close-up of the granite. It is really beautiful. Lance didn't like it at first and thought it was too busy. But, now that it's almost done, and we will start putting our bath supplies back in - I think it will start to grow on him.
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More Summer flowers

Cape Fuchsia


Some grass - I don't remember what it is...

Oriental Poppy seed heads

I'm just having so much fun with my new lens! It's fun to see the garden from a different perspective.
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ENT update

Sept 2nd is the appointment. Really? That's your first appointment available? Yep.

That's ~3 weeks away?!? AHHHHH! How are we going to do this? It seems like his "pink" ears with "no fluid" or "negative pressure" were hurting him last night judging from the 10 times he was up and crying. I'm sure now they are a "raging ear infection with tons of puss". But, I just can't make myself call the pediatrician's office and make ANOTHER appointment. We have already taken so much time off, and we already know the end result. Doesn't work.

I know what you're thinking - - - How Lance and I go to work after last night is a mystery to us, too. We just do it because we have no choice.

The joys of working parenthood. :)

ENT specialist

After so many ear infections, at such a off ear infection time, with no colds preceding the infections, with antibiotics not working we are finally going to see a specialist.

We checked up on Alex's ears last Wednesday and although there wasn't a raging ear infection, it was "slightly pink" with "no fluid buildup" or "negative pressure" which means it will probably be back soon. We finally got the referral to go to the ENT (ear nose throat) specialist and our pediatrician's office faxed his paperwork on Wednesday evening.

I called on Thursday afternoon to make an appointment. They hadn't "reviewed" the paperwork yet - call back Friday. OK, cool. It probably hasn't been technically 24 hours since the paperwork was faxed.

I called Friday - they hadn't "reviewed" his paperwork yet. Call back Monday. OK, cool. It probably hasn't been technially 48 hours since the paperwork was faxed.

I'm going to call on Monday and go "Terms of Endearment" on them if they don't give me an appointment! You know that scene where Shirley MacLaine is asking for medicine for her daughter.

I want an appointment! I'm not asking for much! They said 24-48 hours! Dammit - it's been over 48 hours by the time Monday rolls around. I will get an appointment. We've gotten to a point of wanting to go see a specialist because things obviously aren't working and we haven't been sleeping well for the past ~7 mo because of his ear infections. We're tired. We just want an appointment!

I will update you all as soon as I know. Trust me. I won't get off the phone until I get an appointment, either that or I will call back 5 minutes later, then 5 minutes later... then 5 minutes later... ... ...

Summer flowers

Lavender - Do you see the bee?


Oriental Poppy

Shasta Daisy
I got a new 50 mm lens for my D-SLR camera for my birthday and have been having fun playing around with it. I decided to capture the summer flowers in my garden to test it out. The aperture opens up all the way to 1.4 and produces a Bokah effect (blurring of the background) by using a shallow depth of field.
I'm having so much Fun!
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chin hurtie

Alex was playing on the couch - jumping up and down and laughing so hard his tummy probably hurt. His Dad was encouraging him and they were playing off eachother so well.
Then, he jumped off the couch and on landed on a corner of something really sharp. He bled quite a bit and was pretty upset. But, after everything settled down, he was OK, but now he has a big scrape.
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Dad's 49ers fleece

How do I look?
Already getting ready for Football Season?
Heck Ya!
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