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Peanut butter hair, pudding lips



Sounds like a nickname, right?  Peanut butter hair, pudding lips. 


But, in fact, it’s just exactly what Sara decided to do one day!


I decided to give her peanut butter for the first time, you’re supposed to wait these days until they are ~ 1 year old.  She loved it!  And scarfed it down, and was so excited that she had it all over her hands and put her hands on her hair.  Hence, peanut butter hair.  I knew I would have to give her a bath to wash it out, so before that time – I decided to have a little fun.  




AKA “Mole-hill” hair a-la Alex. 


She also got to taste a bit of pudding.  She loved this as well.  All over.  A pudding mustache, if you will.



Now, you see what I mean – peanut butter hair, pudding lips – Sara.


Sara peanut butter mohawk, pudding face-14 blog

Sara peanut butter mohawk, pudding face-12 blog


Sara peanut butter mohawk, pudding face-11 blog

New Kid Rooms

After a particularly rough night 2 weekends ago, on a Saturday morning no less, I started moving. 

It wasn’t even 8 AM, and I was packing things and moving them around.  Moving clothing, toys, books, bookshelves, blankets, all the things that go in the kids rooms. 

Sara hasn’t had a “room” to call her own up to that point – she had all her clothes in our dresser, she slept in our bed, with me – but it was time.  I was ready to start the process of moving her to her own room.  Sigh!  I was so ready to move her out, but knew that part of me was never going to be fully ready.  I just had to do this – I have to be able to teach my girl to sleep.  I have to sleep, too.  Brains don’t function as well as they could if they don’t get enough sleep, ya know?

We weren’t quite sure what we were going to do for  a long time, we loved the idea of keeping our spare room for guests, but how could we get both kids sleeping out of our room?  We considered bunk beds and having them in the same room, but eventually came around to the realization that we would be just delaying the inevitable.  So, we decided on separate rooms for the kids.  Now, which room would be Sara’s and which one Alex’s? 

We decided to ask Alex what he thought.  We presented the options fairly and without making one seem better and the other worse.  It was simply the facts.  “Alex, do you want to move your room to the end room or do you want to keep your room where it is?”  He was unsure if we would move all of his toys, clothes and particularly unsure if we would move his name.  We assured him we would – and he decided all on his own that he wanted to move to the end room. 

So, here is what the final rooms have become.  I’m loving them.  They were fun to create and really think about what each of the kids would like. 

Sara’s room has a full bed on the floor.  Some might say I’m doing this too early (gasp!).  But, it worked out really well with Alex, so might as well do it again!  The bed goes one the floor since the baby will fall out of the bed at some point and you don’t want the fall to be too big.  But, falling out of bed is a learning process.  They do learn to sleep in the bed and not fall out – when was the last time you fell out of bed?  (see, it’s a learned skill!)  We did this with Alex with a twin bed, but not long after moved to the full size.  It’s just so much nicer when you have a sick kid or you want to read books in bed. 

I found this amazing small quilt at an antique store on the Oregon Coast.  I wasn’t even looking for it – but, once I saw it – I knew it was something that would be the inspiration for Sara’s room.  I loved the bright colors and flower like motif.  I also purchase some fabric flags from this etsy store – Jump Up And Down (love etsy!)  They were bright, colorful and cheerful – just right for Sara. We hung up her name, got her some bookshelves, hung her clothes in the closet and bought a new apple green rug with swirls. 

She loves bouncing on the bed and climbing up and climbing down.  She loves playing with Alex on the bed, and when I ask her to put her head on the pillow, she immediately puts her head down on the bed and looks up at me with the cutest baby eyes saying “Mommy, I put my head down – see”.   

We’ve started reading books to her at night and she has her own nightstand with all sorts of choices for books; animal books, flap books with little peeking flaps (I call them Peek books), first word books, baby faces books, going to night-night books, good night gorilla book, all bright and bold colorful books.  And she’s started snuggling with a little owl lovie.  It’s so soft and I can foresee that she will be snuggling with this for many years to come (Alex snuggled with his dog love “Dog-Dog” for many years). 

We have three owl-snuggies, so that should last us. 
We didn’t show it here, but we made a growth chart for Sara.  She’s two inches (!) taller than Alex was at one year.  TWO inches. 

sara's room

I was also inspired by this vintage print and thought it was so beautiful – all the colors were right.  So, I matted it and put it in her room. 

kids rooms-30 blog

Alex’s room was inspired by these beautiful fish paintings I got from the Oregon Coast.  He loves all things underwater and we decided to carry on the theme from his last room to this one.  I had them matted with a beautiful blue mat and they surround his bookshelf with all of his stuffed animals and beloved books.  His name is right up on the wall.  In fact, the day we asked him which room he wanted to be his, and he chose the end room, he thought he was going to start sleeping there that night!  I had to think of something fast – why wasn’t he going to sleep there THAT night?  Well, his name wasn’t moved over yet.  Once his name was moved, he would sleep in his new room. 

He has a queen size mattress that is very nice and we just didn’t want to give up.  We came up with the idea that Alex could sleep in the office in his sleeping bag when guests were here.  It would be special for him and free up his nice room for them.  I just got a comforter cover to better suit him and of course “Marshmallow” the teddy bear is there with him every night. 

We moved his growth chart along with all of his clothes, etc.  We even hung a second lower closet rod so that he could reach his clothes.  Genius!  He has been able to dress himself fully for a long time, but now he can actually reach his clothes and put them on.  And we bought him a new rug for his room(thanks!).  Not that either room NEEDED a rug, but it completes the look, shall we say. 

Alex's room
They have been sleeping in their own rooms for about 2 weeks now.  It has gone MUCH smoother than I would have thought.  Probably due to the fact that Sara is just so easy going.  Although, she does have her opinions about certain topics, and she’s voicing them more and more, she has been fairly easy to transition into her own bed, her own room.  Alex has been pretty easy too, he wants to come and sleep with Mom and Dad, but that is nothing new.  He is loving his big boy room!  

And we are loving having our room back to just us (well, most of the time!)

Good night everyone – sleep tight!

First T-Ball game



We enjoyed the FIRST t-ball game ever this weekend – and it was wonderful weather to boot!  Thank goodness – we needed some sunshine and time outdoors for all of us! 


Grandma Sandy was able to join us and we had a fantastic time.  Alex played his first T-ball game ever, Lance was the assistant coach and out of the field with the Woodinville Rivercats, I was snapping pictures, and Grandma got to hold Sara! 



First, some warm up.

Alex's first t-ball game-3 blog


Alex loves his shirt and hat – it’s even #4!

Alex's first t-ball game-5 blog


Sara loved looking around at everybody and is totally in a climbing mode, wants to climb everything!

Alex's first t-ball game-18 blog

Then, the game starts.  Alex got to play first base and that is a lot of action – all the balls get thrown to first base.

Alex's first t-ball game-54 blog


Sara cranks out for a bit, and passes out in the second inning.

Alex's first t-ball game-27 blog

Apparently, it’s a glove-biter for Alex.


Alex's first t-ball game-51 blog-2

And, snuggles and more snuggles and completely passed out.

Alex's first t-ball game-52 blog



Alex hits the ball and runs the bases.  When you ask him what his favorite part of T-ball is, it’s probably hitting the ball or running the bases.  Outfield, not so much.  I love how there is no score kept, every kid hits the ball and runs the bases, there are no outs, only cheers for each and every kid.  I love this.  Love love love this.

Alex's first t-ball game-31 blog

Alex running home (fast!).

Alex's first t-ball game-43 blog

Go Rivercats!

Birthday cupcakes for Sara

Sara had her first cupcake at the Oregon coast and proceeded to put her whole hand in the frosting covering her whole hand, tried to shake it off and was not a happy camper.  She didn’t even take a bite of that first cupcake. 

But, I decided to try again.  And thankfully, I did.  This time I make chocolate cream cheese frosting, yum!  A girl after my own heart.

And – she loved it!  Scarfed it, actually.   

She seriously tried lick the plate!

And she even ended up with some on her nose!






A lesson to me – when you take two kids to the doctor in back to back appointments by yourself, learn this math right here…


2 kids * 3 shots/kid = 6 drinks for Mama after all is over.  Right?  Whew, it was a doozy.  It was totally fine to take them both at the same time, but to have a 4 year old (who did NOT want shots) have to get 3 shots, no amount of comforting, talking, hugging, holding, bribing, stickers, candy or anything was going to help.  Two techs were there to perform the shots for the kids, and when it was clear that he was not going willingly – they called in a third tech.  One to hold him, and two to administer the shots (all of them in like 4 seconds flat!).  After it was all done – it took him about 10-15 minutes to calm down. 


Let’s just say I got some understanding looks as I walked down the hall from the doctors and nurses…




Now, Let’s get to the stats -



Sara – 1 year old

20 lbs 12 oz – 65th %


31.5” tall - 99th+% (right at the top of the chart)


She’s still a big girl – no wonder 2T fits her just right now!  She wears a size 5 shoe and still has very big feet for her age.  She loves doing “down dog” and climbing on everything.  She eats so well and eats just about everything we put in front of her.  We just made a room for her and I love it!  Will show pictures soon.  We are planning on transitioning her to her own bedroom soon.  Part of me is so ready – part of me is so sad and not ready for this yet.


She is so happy and content.  She will happily play with something for quite a while and loves getting things out of drawers and cabinets.  She is so busy now, too.  She is just moving most of the time and does not want to sit still. 


Sara – her 12mo teddy bear picture, showing us her new found talent of showing us her belly button.

Sara 12mo teddy bear-14 blog


Alex – 4 years old


40 lbs – 80th%


42 7/8” tall - 94th%


Still a big boy too! 


He wears a size 12 shoe, but thankfully seems to have slowed down on shoe sizes.  We used to be going through a size every 3 months!  He sure knows how to push our buttons.  He doesn’t even know what “push your buttons” means – but he is a master at doing it.  He LOVES his “big kid” preschool and is learning so much.  He loves his friends and playing outside, but also loves the learning part of school.  He comes home and tells me all sorts of things like:  Africa is really far away and we live in North America.  Roots drink water for plants.  Sting rays have a stinger on their tail and they live on the bottom of the ocean.  You have to be careful of their tail, you can pet them – but you have to stay away from their tail. 


He blows us away.  Constantly.


Alex, contrary to the rest of his years, is more and more content (for small periods of time) to sit and focus on something;  puzzles (which amazingly he can do really well), coloring, writing letters/numbers.  He still loves being outdoors and this is where he is most happy. 


Alex at T-ball putting on the batting helmet.

T-ball practice #1-46 blog

New garden raised beds



The Torgesen plants are going to have it so good this year!  Raised beds with lots of room to grow, nice soil and we will be eating good this summer!


We are planning peas, green beans, beets, carrots, radishes, kale, spinach, salad greens, chard, herbs, zucchini, and of course tomatoes!  I might have forgot some plants, they’ll be a surprise I guess! 


Raised garden beds-1 blog


Right now there are just some little baby plants all sprouting up in the moist cool spring air (and I do mean cool!).  After last Spring’s cool and drenchingly wet season, I just couldn’t imagine a cool Spring again.  But, that is what we seem to have with us this year.  We can have clear plastic over the white pipe to make some mini-green houses. 



Raised garden beds-2 blog


And the happiest place for the peas is right up against the wall with some netting to climb their tendrils up.  I can just taste the sweet crunch of a sugar snap pea right now.  Chomp! 


Raised garden beds-3 blog


It will be fun to see how these gardens grow this year – another few months and these will be full of big plants!




We had an opportunity to get the kids silhouettes done recently.  The price was right and the timing worked out perfectly, it was arranged through Alex’s preschool.  It was an amazing process to watch.  The silhouette artist put a small folded paper together (so there would be both left and right facing) and just had the kids sit against a white background.  She had a DVD player set up so they could watch something and it like - - - 2-3 minutes she had cut out the silhouette!  It was amazing to watch and see how wonderful they turned out!  These will be cherished pieces of art in our house. 




She captured all the glorious curls and those distinctive features.


Sillouttes-1 blog




And those long eyelashes again! 


Sillouttes-2 blog

Happy Birthday Sara!



Today my little Sara is one. 


How does time fly by so fast? 


Some of the days have gone by so slow, but the year has flown by.  I remember her birth-day very well and remember how wonderful it was to hold her in my arms.  I can’t imagine a more wonderful beautiful baby girl.


Playing outside-5 blog


She is walking now, has beautiful red hair with small curls in the back.  She loves strawberries and yogurt.  She eats just about anything we put in front of her!  She has a new hobby of climbing on everything and taking things out of drawers.  She’s wearing 18mo-2T clothing and is still so tall (stats from 12mo appointment coming in a few weeks).  She just is getting another tooth (7 total now).  She is having more opinions lately about all sorts of things.  When she doesn’t want to be picked up, or when she does, for instance.  She loves people watching and is so curious to just look at everyone around her.  She is very happy most of the time and enjoys being with me wherever I go on the weekends.  Although, she is still very much in a Mommy/Daddy/Nanny mood, but getting more and more open to other people (grandmas especially) every day. 


Playing outside-24 blog


We have been celebrating her upcoming birthday for a while now.  At the Oregon Coast, we had a mini-birthday party (Alex too!) with family and enjoyed cupcakes and presents. 


Beach house 2011-312 blog



She got some hair bands and a musical instrument.

Beach house 2011-308 blog


We went out to dinner on Saturday night (Taco Del Mar since we are in the “blackout phase” of going to a sit down restaurant), played at the park and had cupcakes again!  I realized a while ago that we haven’t taken her to the park yet.  I took her last summer when she was a little baby in the carrier, but not as a toddler that can play too!  So, we just had to stop at the park and push her in the swings, especially since it was her birthday!  


Sara's birthday dinner-3 blog

Sara's birthday park-1 blog

Sara's birthday park-5 blog

Sara's birthday park-7 blog

Sara's birthday park-10 blog

Sara's birthday park-14 blog

Sara's birthday park-17 blog

Sara's birthday park-23 blog

Sara's birthday park-29 blog




Of course – Daddy pushes are the best!

Sara's birthday park-36 blog

Sara's birthday park-39 blog



Especially Daddy pushes!

Sara's birthday park-42 blog

Sara's birthday park-43 blog

Sara's birthday cupcake-6 blog

Sara's birthday cupcake-18 blog


Today, on her actual birthday we had fun by playing with some balloons and just being home.


Sara's birthday balloons-3 blog

Sara's birthday balloons-13 blog

Sara's birthday balloons-15 blog

Sara's birthday balloons-17 blog

We love you, little Nie Nie!