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Peanut butter hair, pudding lips



Sounds like a nickname, right?  Peanut butter hair, pudding lips. 


But, in fact, it’s just exactly what Sara decided to do one day!


I decided to give her peanut butter for the first time, you’re supposed to wait these days until they are ~ 1 year old.  She loved it!  And scarfed it down, and was so excited that she had it all over her hands and put her hands on her hair.  Hence, peanut butter hair.  I knew I would have to give her a bath to wash it out, so before that time – I decided to have a little fun.  




AKA “Mole-hill” hair a-la Alex. 


She also got to taste a bit of pudding.  She loved this as well.  All over.  A pudding mustache, if you will.



Now, you see what I mean – peanut butter hair, pudding lips – Sara.


Sara peanut butter mohawk, pudding face-14 blog

Sara peanut butter mohawk, pudding face-12 blog


Sara peanut butter mohawk, pudding face-11 blog