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Great weather for the first campfire!

After the coldest April since 1891 in the Seattle area, only one short year from the wettest Spring last year, we have finally had some nice days around here.  And since we’re going camping in a few short weeks – we thought it was an excellent idea to fire up the camp fire pit. 


Beautiful Spring day-60 blog


The kids love the chairs and would sit in them for a while, but then have to get up and walk around, pick up sticks, put sticks into the fire and generally be kids.Beautiful Spring day-55 blog

Daddy/Lance – the official Marshmallow Roaster.  With kids patiently waiting.

Beautiful Spring day-90 blog

Alex eating a graham cracker – just couldn’t wait any longer!

Beautiful Spring day-81 blog



What is it with fire – has to stick something in the fire to catch it on fire.  He gets the pyro genes from his Dad!

Beautiful Spring day-75 blog


Beautiful Spring day-77 blog

I’m trying to get better about asking Lance to take pictures of me.  So here is one of Sara getting some tickles!


Beautiful Spring day-67 blog

And loves.

Beautiful Spring day-63 blog

She just LOVED the chairs and thought they were so fun – I just love this.  Such a little body in such a big chair.  So cute!


Beautiful Spring day-53 blog