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Alex has been having so much fun with hopscotch lately.  We draw them on the driveway, or find them from when our nanny and her daughter, along with Sara, were playing outside with the chalk. 


He knows everything – about the numbering of the boxes, to hopping, to throwing the rock and skipping over that box. 


We made a particularly big hopscotch last week and it probably had 40 boxes that turned out in the (somewhat) shape of a nine.  He was hopping away for probably an hour and making more and more boxes and putting the numbers in each of them.  He would ask, what is after 10?  I would say 11.  He would ask what numbers are 11?  I would say – a one and a one.  We would continue all they way up to 29.  Then we would restart.



Driveway chalk and hopscotch-28 blog

Driveway chalk and hopscotch-25 blog

Driveway chalk and hopscotch-24 blog

Driveway chalk and hopscotch-21 blog

Sara loves drawing with the chalk too, and even sometimes trying to eat it!  And she loves dandelions too!  Yummy!


Driveway chalk and hopscotch-16 blog

Driveway chalk and hopscotch-13 blog

Driveway chalk and hopscotch-11 blog





Driveway chalk and hopscotch-3 blog