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No bathtub


Well, what do you do when you have no bathtub?  Give the baby a bath in the kitchen sink! 


Or let them just get stinker and stinker…  Ewwwww!!!


Our bathroom remodel is coming along nicely, probably will be done in the about two weeks. The tile is ALMOST all done, then the grout, the countertop/sink and then install the fixtures.  Then, it’s all the details: the shower curtain rod, the mirror, toilet and new light fixture, etc. 


Until then, we’ve been giving Sara baths in the kitchen sink and she loves it! 


Sara's kitchen sink bath-1 blog

Sara's kitchen sink bath-9 blog

Sara's kitchen sink bath-15 blog


She looks so much like Alex to me in the picture below, I don’t know if it’s the mole hill hair or the open mouth smile.

Sara's kitchen sink bath-20 blog

Sara's kitchen sink bath-26 blog