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Some recents …



Here are some recent photos I’ve taken.  I’m taking a photography online workshop (Wendy Schultz Photography Workshops) which is challenging and difficult and making me think hard, and practice practice practice.  I’m taking the advanced class (Eeeeekkkk!).  In other words, I love it.  We’re focusing on different angles of light for our first assignment, as well as other aspects. 


In other news, Alex is starting kindergarten on September 4th.  Like, it ~ a week.  How did this happen?  Tell me – how did this happen?  We just celebrated his last day of preschool on Friday and there is no school this last week of August.  I’m mentally preparing myself (for like a year now) for his first day.  There will be pictures, for sure – and there will be tears too.  Good thing Alex knows there is such a thing as happy tears.  Cause I’m gonna be using some of them. 


Assign 1 (5)-final-3 PSE



Sara backlight (7)-final-3



kidlets (7)-final-3


mostly white (14)-final-3

Sprinkler fun


We’ve been having quite a fun time with our sprinkler lately…




Sprinkler time (7)-blog


Sprinkler time (11)-blog



Sprinkler time (17)-blog



Sprinkler time (25)-blog





Sprinkler time (26)-blog



Sprinkler time (28)-blog

Swimming lessons



Swimming lessons are over for the summer, but boy oh boy – did he have fun!  I can’t wait until next summer, because then we’ll have both kiddos in the pool! 


Alex is now swimming doggie-paddle and he is so proud of himself.  We are too!  He is just a fish in the water.  Another Mom that had her daughter in the same class, asked me on the last day of class ‘does he ever be still?’.  Well, no, no he doesn’t ever ‘be still’.  He’s a boy through and through.


He does sleep really well during swimming lessons, though, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! 


Swimming lessons first week-18-blog-2


Paddleboarding is fun!

iPhone photos (so cool that I can take a photo and blog it all from my phone while sitting on the beach...)

New word for the dictionary ... sweathawk


[swet  hawk] noun

a hairstyle in which the hair formed into a strip of hair, down the center of the scalp from the forehead to the nape of the neck, with the sweat from one's head from playing outside with friends on a hot day (while wearing pants instead of shorts because you are being stubborn).

An Alex Original Word - or in Alex's own words "It's when you make a mohawk out of sweat"

He goes to preschool in pants even though we tell him it is going to be really hot, like 80-85 degrees.  He says, no, he wants to get hot so he can make a sweathawk.  We ask what's a sweathawk is and he says it's a mohawk made from sweat. 

Well, there you go dictionary - get busy!

This picture is an oldie, but a goodie.  Alex was almost 4 years old.  No sweathawk here, just water.  :)

Mt. Rainier at Sunset

4th of july (86)-blog