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Some recents …



Here are some recent photos I’ve taken.  I’m taking a photography online workshop (Wendy Schultz Photography Workshops) which is challenging and difficult and making me think hard, and practice practice practice.  I’m taking the advanced class (Eeeeekkkk!).  In other words, I love it.  We’re focusing on different angles of light for our first assignment, as well as other aspects. 


In other news, Alex is starting kindergarten on September 4th.  Like, it ~ a week.  How did this happen?  Tell me – how did this happen?  We just celebrated his last day of preschool on Friday and there is no school this last week of August.  I’m mentally preparing myself (for like a year now) for his first day.  There will be pictures, for sure – and there will be tears too.  Good thing Alex knows there is such a thing as happy tears.  Cause I’m gonna be using some of them. 


Assign 1 (5)-final-3 PSE



Sara backlight (7)-final-3



kidlets (7)-final-3


mostly white (14)-final-3