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New word for the dictionary ... sweathawk


[swet  hawk] noun

a hairstyle in which the hair formed into a strip of hair, down the center of the scalp from the forehead to the nape of the neck, with the sweat from one's head from playing outside with friends on a hot day (while wearing pants instead of shorts because you are being stubborn).

An Alex Original Word - or in Alex's own words "It's when you make a mohawk out of sweat"

He goes to preschool in pants even though we tell him it is going to be really hot, like 80-85 degrees.  He says, no, he wants to get hot so he can make a sweathawk.  We ask what's a sweathawk is and he says it's a mohawk made from sweat. 

Well, there you go dictionary - get busy!

This picture is an oldie, but a goodie.  Alex was almost 4 years old.  No sweathawk here, just water.  :)