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Wiggle Worms



We signed Sara up for the beloved Wiggle Worms at a local gymnastics gym and have had 2 sessions already.  She definitely has a different personality than Alex, and we wondered what it would be like with her. 


She absolutely loved it!


It took her a little bit to get to go on the trampoline, but after that – she was off!  Loved the foam blocks, the bath of balls, and loved the rings.  We have a wiggle worm on our hands!


Wiggle worms - Sara's first time-1 blog


Wiggle worms - Sara's first time-4 blog


Wiggle worms - Sara's first time-8 blog


Wiggle worms - Sara's first time-23-1 blog


Wiggle worms - Sara's first time-29 blog


Wiggle worms - Sara's first time-44 blog


Wiggle worms - Sara's first time-48 blog


Wiggle worms - Sara's first time-50 blog


Wiggle worms - Sara's first time-51 blog


Wiggle worms - Sara's first time-56 blog

Reading a book



Apparently you can sometimes get so tired when reading a book, that you just have to lay down…


Sara reading a book-1 blog


Sara reading a book-3 blog


Sara reading a book-6 blog


Sara reading a book-7 blog


Sara reading a book-9 blog


Sara reading a book-10 blog


Sara reading a book-11 blog

Raindrops and sunshine

I have not been blogging as much as I usually do.  Things have been extremely busy and it has been difficult for me to sit down and do this.  There are so many reasons for this:

First lack of time to take pictures, let alone download them, edit and get them ready for the blog.  I have not had my usual inner motivation on this.

Second, the late Fall / early winter “light” just is difficult to work with.  I have to get out my flash if I want to take any inside pictures because it’s dark as night in here.  Outside is just rainy and wet.  I’m having a difficult time thinking the next ~6 months are going to be this way, or worse – colder and wetter.  I think I need a vacation in February… hint… hint… somewhere warm and sunny.  Anywhere – warm and sunny.  Anywhere.

Third, my work life has been b.u.s.y.  Good busy, thank goodness it’s ending soon busy, but extremely busy.  I’ve been learning a lot and have done some good work.  But, it has been challenging.  With traveling 3 times in October and a big project that was high profile and not going well at first, my October was shot.  Here is to December looking better work wise.

Fourth, I’ve been trying to take care of myself in all of this and have really started to step up my workouts.  I’ve started yoga at 6 AM, first going once a week, now trying twice a week.  It’s been OK to get up that early, and I love the yoga, but it sure does make me want to go to bed earlier, hence no time for photos/blogging, etc.  I have been doing Zumba 2 times a week, or so, and have been loving it.  So much fun!  But, all this leaves a tired Mama at the end of the day/week. 

And Last, but not least - Sara has been sick.  Ear infections, fevers, snotty, and now the croup.  Which will most likely lead to another ear infection because of all the mucus/snot in her nose and throat.  Ear tubes are hopefully coming soon, which should help A LOT.  But, this has been difficult.

To try and remedy all this – this past weekend was cold, but sunny.  I just caught this wonderful light in the morning, with the rain drops on the trees and it just made everything feel OK. 

I’m thankful for moments like this. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Raindrops in morning sunshine-1 blog

November garden

November garden-1 blog

Sick little Sara



No fun when you have a fever and don’t feel good – no fun at all!  Sara had another ear infection this past week, two days at home with Mom and Dad. 


First day was Doctor appointment and first doses of antibiotics, sleepy and just wanted to lay around, not wanting to eat and not wanting to take Tylenol or any medicine.  Second day home was party time, antibiotics were kicked in, and it was Mom and Dad all alone to play, party, play all day.  She couldn’t go to preschool that day since she had a fever the day before. 


Needless to say, we have the ENT(ear nose and throat doctor) appointment scheduled with Children’s Hospital, after 4 ear infections in ~ 4-5 months (and during the summer months, which is not usual).  In the month waiting for the appointment (ENT is very hard to get in to see them), we are expecting another.  Then, in the month to schedule the surgery, another one. 


No fun to have to go through all of this, but ear tubes were a miracle with Alex and we are hoping for the same with Sara. 


Sara is watching a cartoon in these pictures below, and fell asleep not long into it.  It feels better to sleep leaning up, since laying down flat hurts your ears when you have a bad ear infection. 


Wish us luck, another ~ 2 months to wait, but the light at the end of the tunnel (sleep, kid without ear infections) is priceless. 


Sara with a fever-3 blog


Sara with a fever-4 blog



Little Girl





There is a moment, when you see a picture of your own child, after seeing so many of photos of them already, and realize that she is not a baby anymore, but a little girl.  That moment is in these pictures below. 


She’s so big looking when she wears jeans.  She loves her boots and her matching purple coat right now.  She’s very interested in everything around her and says “That” and wants you to name it.  That, point…. that, point… that, point….  She is interested in colors and the names of colors, obviously purple is one of her favorites right now.  But, she LOVES yellow.  She also loves Legos – which surprisingly sounds an awful lot like the word yellow when she says it.  You have to know the context to tell the difference between yellow (color) and yellow (lego).    She is talking up a storm and absorbing language daily.  She is so much fun!




Sara purple coat, purple boots-3 blog-2


Sara purple coat, purple boots-6 blog-2

Fall - outside-28 blog




Sara purple coat, purple boots-17 blog



I remember this moment well with Alex, when he was about the same age, and when I look at it now - he looks so little.





Playing in the yard with Mama (10)Final

Firefighter pancakes



Every year the firefighters put on a safety fair where they cook up some pancakes and talk to kids (and parents) about safety.  There is everything from “change your fire detector batteries”, to electrical safety, to how to turn off your water/gas, to power outage recommendations, etc.  


We go every year and it is so much fun.  The kids get to see “real” firefighters, climb all over fire trucks and this year was the highlight of them ALL!


Learning how to put out a fire (uhhh… can you say a 4 1/2 year olds dream come true!).  Seriously, they started a fire and taught the kids how to use a fire extinguisher.  The fire fighters were so wonderful with the kids and taught them how to do everything, yell for 911, take the pin out, aim and pull the trigger.  Alex got a really big kick out of it. 


Sara was just a little 6 month old baby last time, and the year before that was in uteruo.  So, this time around she made sure to do some climbing and exploring of all the fire trucks.  No putting out fires this time, but watch out next year!




Firefighter pancakes-5 blog


Firefighter pancakes-8 blog


Firefighter pancakes-15 blog


Firefighter pancakes-18 blog


Firefighter pancakes-19 blog


Firefighter pancakes-22 blog


Firefighter pancakes-24 blog


Firefighter pancakes-25 blog-2

Pumpkin wash



Instead of a car wash, we had a pumpkin wash!


It’s a really fun thing to do to get your pumpkins ready for carving.  The kids loved it!  This is the first year we’ve done something like this before, and I’m sure we’ll do it again! 


Just get some warm soapy water, two scrubbers and some pumpkins (and two eager kiddos) and you’re set!


I feel confident is saying, that our pumpkins are the cleanest on the block this year!


Pumpkin wash-1 blog


Pumpkin wash-4 blog


Pumpkin wash-5 blog


Pumpkin wash-9 blog




We had a fantastic time playing soccer with the Kirkland Parks and Rec, Alex loved it!  So, when Lance saw a advertisement for Basketball with the same league – he signed him up without even talking to me.


It starts in January and I’m really hoping that Lance coaches the team.  He loves Basketball and I think he would really be good at it.  It’s not really about Basketball, anyways.  It’s more about learning a bit about Basketball, but more about confidence and trying (for the kids).  It’s about enjoying the kids at this age, assuring everyone gets a turn, and most important – having fun (for the adults).  Everyone will have a chance, everyone will get cheers, it will be so fun!


So, when Alex heard this – that he would be playing Basketball – he immediately wanted to get started practicing.  He got out his hoop and ball, we pumped them up so they would bounce properly and we were at it!


We had so much fun – Sara got to make baskets, Mama and Dada got to play defense (which Alex loved!).  Alex made baskets.  We talked about dribbling the ball, and he would say things like “Mama – look at my juggling (dribbling)!”, not quite understanding what we were saying about bouncing the ball.  I would just love this, of course, and now I call it juggling too. 


It was a wonderful Fall weekend day and we took full advantage of it! 


Basketball and jeep playing-2 blog


Basketball and jeep playing-7 blog


Basketball and jeep playing-8 blog


Basketball and jeep playing-13 blog


Basketball and jeep playing-14 blog


Basketball and jeep playing-20 blog


Basketball and jeep playing-38 blog


Basketball and jeep playing-39 blog


Basketball and jeep playing-43 blog