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We had a fantastic time playing soccer with the Kirkland Parks and Rec, Alex loved it!  So, when Lance saw a advertisement for Basketball with the same league – he signed him up without even talking to me.


It starts in January and I’m really hoping that Lance coaches the team.  He loves Basketball and I think he would really be good at it.  It’s not really about Basketball, anyways.  It’s more about learning a bit about Basketball, but more about confidence and trying (for the kids).  It’s about enjoying the kids at this age, assuring everyone gets a turn, and most important – having fun (for the adults).  Everyone will have a chance, everyone will get cheers, it will be so fun!


So, when Alex heard this – that he would be playing Basketball – he immediately wanted to get started practicing.  He got out his hoop and ball, we pumped them up so they would bounce properly and we were at it!


We had so much fun – Sara got to make baskets, Mama and Dada got to play defense (which Alex loved!).  Alex made baskets.  We talked about dribbling the ball, and he would say things like “Mama – look at my juggling (dribbling)!”, not quite understanding what we were saying about bouncing the ball.  I would just love this, of course, and now I call it juggling too. 


It was a wonderful Fall weekend day and we took full advantage of it! 


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