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Little Girl





There is a moment, when you see a picture of your own child, after seeing so many of photos of them already, and realize that she is not a baby anymore, but a little girl.  That moment is in these pictures below. 


She’s so big looking when she wears jeans.  She loves her boots and her matching purple coat right now.  She’s very interested in everything around her and says “That” and wants you to name it.  That, point…. that, point… that, point….  She is interested in colors and the names of colors, obviously purple is one of her favorites right now.  But, she LOVES yellow.  She also loves Legos – which surprisingly sounds an awful lot like the word yellow when she says it.  You have to know the context to tell the difference between yellow (color) and yellow (lego).    She is talking up a storm and absorbing language daily.  She is so much fun!




Sara purple coat, purple boots-3 blog-2


Sara purple coat, purple boots-6 blog-2

Fall - outside-28 blog




Sara purple coat, purple boots-17 blog



I remember this moment well with Alex, when he was about the same age, and when I look at it now - he looks so little.





Playing in the yard with Mama (10)Final


karl said...

what have you done with her purple wintercoat after she was grown out of it?