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Raindrops and sunshine

I have not been blogging as much as I usually do.  Things have been extremely busy and it has been difficult for me to sit down and do this.  There are so many reasons for this:

First lack of time to take pictures, let alone download them, edit and get them ready for the blog.  I have not had my usual inner motivation on this.

Second, the late Fall / early winter “light” just is difficult to work with.  I have to get out my flash if I want to take any inside pictures because it’s dark as night in here.  Outside is just rainy and wet.  I’m having a difficult time thinking the next ~6 months are going to be this way, or worse – colder and wetter.  I think I need a vacation in February… hint… hint… somewhere warm and sunny.  Anywhere – warm and sunny.  Anywhere.

Third, my work life has been b.u.s.y.  Good busy, thank goodness it’s ending soon busy, but extremely busy.  I’ve been learning a lot and have done some good work.  But, it has been challenging.  With traveling 3 times in October and a big project that was high profile and not going well at first, my October was shot.  Here is to December looking better work wise.

Fourth, I’ve been trying to take care of myself in all of this and have really started to step up my workouts.  I’ve started yoga at 6 AM, first going once a week, now trying twice a week.  It’s been OK to get up that early, and I love the yoga, but it sure does make me want to go to bed earlier, hence no time for photos/blogging, etc.  I have been doing Zumba 2 times a week, or so, and have been loving it.  So much fun!  But, all this leaves a tired Mama at the end of the day/week. 

And Last, but not least - Sara has been sick.  Ear infections, fevers, snotty, and now the croup.  Which will most likely lead to another ear infection because of all the mucus/snot in her nose and throat.  Ear tubes are hopefully coming soon, which should help A LOT.  But, this has been difficult.

To try and remedy all this – this past weekend was cold, but sunny.  I just caught this wonderful light in the morning, with the rain drops on the trees and it just made everything feel OK. 

I’m thankful for moments like this. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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