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Sick little Sara



No fun when you have a fever and don’t feel good – no fun at all!  Sara had another ear infection this past week, two days at home with Mom and Dad. 


First day was Doctor appointment and first doses of antibiotics, sleepy and just wanted to lay around, not wanting to eat and not wanting to take Tylenol or any medicine.  Second day home was party time, antibiotics were kicked in, and it was Mom and Dad all alone to play, party, play all day.  She couldn’t go to preschool that day since she had a fever the day before. 


Needless to say, we have the ENT(ear nose and throat doctor) appointment scheduled with Children’s Hospital, after 4 ear infections in ~ 4-5 months (and during the summer months, which is not usual).  In the month waiting for the appointment (ENT is very hard to get in to see them), we are expecting another.  Then, in the month to schedule the surgery, another one. 


No fun to have to go through all of this, but ear tubes were a miracle with Alex and we are hoping for the same with Sara. 


Sara is watching a cartoon in these pictures below, and fell asleep not long into it.  It feels better to sleep leaning up, since laying down flat hurts your ears when you have a bad ear infection. 


Wish us luck, another ~ 2 months to wait, but the light at the end of the tunnel (sleep, kid without ear infections) is priceless. 


Sara with a fever-3 blog


Sara with a fever-4 blog