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sprinkler summer

This summer has been amazing!  Such warm sunny weather and beautiful days.  My kids have taken full advantage of being pure kiddos and running through the sprinklers in the evenings. 






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Spring Sports


We were a busy family this Spring… Baseball started and once the boys even heard the words “flag football” – they were all in!  If you know Alex – you know he LOVES sports.  Wants to play them all – all the time.  Well, for the first time (ever) – we had him in two things this Spring.  It was a bit much at times, but we got through it and we all thoroughly enjoyed it! 


Sara stopped going to Gymnastics/Tumbling – she had done it for quite a while and was just done.  She was happy not having any “commitments” and just playing.  She had many friends at the practices and games of all the younger siblings.  Mud puddles, flowers for Mama, Playgrounds, umbrellas, chairs and generally being a very happy girl.  After many practices and many many games – we’re ready to get this girl back to Soccer this fall!  And who knows after that???? 


Alex did so great this year at Baseball.  It was coached pitched and for the first time – there were only 5 good balls and the boy would be out.  Talk about break a Mama’s heart!  I was able to watch the boys go through the emotions of being “out” and struggling with this.  Also, there were 3 outs each inning, compared to all boys/kids batting each inning.  The first couple of times the boys didn’t all get to bat there were some tears shed.  But, this is a part of learning this sport and they all adjusted to it eventually.  I loved hearing them all cheer for each other, when the got out, when they didn’t get to bat or when they didn’t make it to first/got out at first. 


And then scroll WAY down for the flag football pictures.  This was SO much fun.  Lance assisted the coach and Alex had 2 of his best friends on the team with him.  They were like the 3 stooges sometimes – but sometimes they were like little flag football prodigy!  One of the boys has quite an arm and really liked throwing/playing quarterback.  Alex and the other boy loved catching/running the football for a touchdown.  They were all really great and I loved watching them play.  They were getting plays and making connections. They really gelled.  There were playoffs and an I-9 bowl that Alex really wanted to go to – I think because he’d heard so much about the Superbowl because of the Seahawks.  His team ended up losing and not making it to the I-9 bowl, but I think in all the boys hearts and the parents hearts – we all were winners!  Alex’s specialty seemed to be running really fast away from the opponents or grabbing the flags of the opponents.  I can’t wait for next year!



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