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Those kids…


Those kids are sure enjoying their baths lately!  Alex has been anti-bath for a while, preferring to take a shower.  But, Sara loves baths and would take one every night if she could.  So, our little trick lately has been to start a bath and announce it loudly and hope that brother Alex will eventually join in.  He does get kinda stinky sometimes!  They just love playing with each other and making each other laugh. 



kids in the bath-5 blog

kids in the bath-2 blogkids in the bath-10 blogkids in the bath-12 blogkids in the bath-25 blog

February Garden



I totally have Spring fever and I’m ready to see some Spring growth, but I thought I take a moment to look at the winter garden.  It’s a good chance to see how everything is going and how the “garden bones” are stacking up.  It’s been ~2.5 years since we put in the new gardens and things are coming along nicely. 


All of those smaller shrubs in the new garden area are growing well and are going to fill in the area in the next few years.  I’m so happy we did this garden renovation and added on.  The lawn is much better and easier to mow, the gardens make sense now, and there is just that intangible feng-shui about it all.  It just feels right. 


Winter garden-2 blog


And, of course, there are some really lovely things happening in the garden right now with bright brilliant colors, textures, flowers, patterns, forms and shapes.   As beautiful as it is, I’m ready for Spring to be here!


Winter garden-5 blog


Winter garden-6 blog


Winter garden-7 blog


Winter garden-8 blog


Winter garden-9 blog


Winter garden-10 blog


Winter garden-11 blog


Winter garden-12 blog

Sara all ready for preschool




We got Sara ready for preschool one morning and she just looked so pretty and was in such a happy mood, I asked her if I could take her picture on the front steps.  On warmer days, we put on our shoes outside on these steps and so it’s part of the normal routine.  So, this is why her shoes are undone in the pictures below.  It’s a good way for her to sit somewhat still, since the shoes aren’t completely on yet…


She loves the camera lens cap and just had to have a game of peek!   What a beautiful little girl!


She actually let me do her hair on this day and it was very particular…  Pink pony tail holder and when I suggested a sparkly purple barrette, she said that she needed a black one too!  So there you have it!  Her hair is getting so long, that I’ve been trying to put it up with something, either a pony tail, pig tails or barrettes just to keep it out of her eyes.  Most days I’m successful for about 10 minutes, but this days work stayed around a while!


After we did her hair, I asked if she wanted to come see in the mirror and she either nods yes or actually says “yes”, or both.  We looked in the mirror and we say how pretty she looks and she gets the biggest smile on her face!  It is really fun to hear her say the word pretty also, she knows what that means and has started saying it in the context of other things now.  Her talking is exploding right now!


Sara ready for preschool-1 blog


Sara ready for preschool-2 blog


Sara ready for preschool-4 blog


She loves the dogs' leashes.  She knows which one is which and loves taking them for a walk.  Well, Bella at least!  Rock has about 50-60 lbs on her!

Sara ready for preschool-8 blog

No training wheels!



It’s one of those parenting moments you always dream about, the time you teach your child how to ride a bike without training wheels.  Well, that day has come for us with Alex. 


It was cold and grey outside, like any February day around here lately.  But, at least is wasn’t raining (pouring) on Sunday, like Saturday was.  The kids were a bit stir crazy inside after lunch and nap time for Sara, so I suggested that we go outside and test out the ol’ bike without training wheels.  Alex’s eyes lit up and Lance’s eyes were questioning whether he was ready or not.  Sara just loves being outside so she started looking for her coat and outside we went!


I knew that he was ready for this, I just didn’t know he was THAT ready. 


Off came the training wheels and off he went!  Literally!



First the training wheels come off and the tires got all pumped up

Alex riding bike without training wheels first time-2 blog


Alex riding bike without training wheels first time-3 blog


Alex riding bike without training wheels first time-8 blog



We have a gentle slope on our driveway that makes it easier to start pedaling, along with a gentle slope on the road right in front of the house.  Perfect for learning how to ride a bike!


First was the driveway try, and he did it!  We were prepared for some bumps and bruises, but nothing yet.




Alex riding bike without training wheels first time-9 blog


Alex riding bike without training wheels first time-11 blog


Alex riding bike without training wheels first time-12 blog




He was so proud of himself!  We are too!

Alex riding bike without training wheels first time-15 blog



Then on to the road!

Alex riding bike without training wheels first time-18 blog


What are you guys looking at?  This is nothing new?!?!

Alex riding bike without training wheels first time-24 blog


The tongue is apparently a constant thing…

Alex riding bike without training wheels first time-26 blog


Alex riding bike without training wheels first time-33 blog

Alex riding bike without training wheels first time-34 blog


I knew he was ready, Alex was just happy to be doing something new and daring and dangerous, Sara was very happy to be outside, and Lance was flabbergasted that he did it!   I just knew he was ready (apparently this is a moment of Mother’s instinct)!


He was off riding and turning, breaking and starting all on his own.  We could not believe it!  I’m sure there will some a time (next time?) where he takes a big fall and gets hurt, but for this first time – it was about as perfect as you can get. 


Alex riding a bike with no training wheels!!!


Sara was riding her trike and was learning how to pedal too.  It’s going to be happening soon!  And then we’ll have two wheelin’ kiddos!


Sara riding trike and trying to pedal-6 blog




This is pretty rare around these parts lately…


They love each other intensely…


and this snuggling happens often…


It just doesn’t last long…


until someone is not happy just snuggling anymore.. and wants to tickle or wrestle or hug a little too hard… or grab more of the blanket… or grab a toy…


But, it sure is cute!


kids snuggling watching cartoons-1 blog

One year ago



One year ago seems like FOREVER ago, but yet, just yesterday…


Sara eating pancakes-3 blog


Sara tossing-13 blog


Eating pancakes-3 blog


Alex's eyes-1 blog


Sara sunglasses-1 blog

Tball outfit-4 blog

First babysitter



We had our first real babysitter this past weekend.  We’ve always had someone we knew, either family or someone close, to watch our kids when we occasionally went out on date nights.  Last year was great with the goal of taking one date night a month.  We did it! 


And now we want more! 


So, the neighbors have a great sitter and I decided to ask, pretty-please, would they share her contact information?  They did and the rest is history!


She is fantastic!  The kids didn’t even cry when we left (maybe a little whimper…), and they were fast asleep, all tucked in their covers, when we came home ~9pm.  Alex slept in until 7:30am and Sara slept until 8:15am!  They said they had a ton of fun and want her to come back soon.


Kids, your wish will be granted!


I think it really helped that they were both there.  They had each other as comfort and normalcy.  Alex just loves this too, so we asked him to be “responsible” for his sister and make sure she was well taken care of all night.  Make sure she got something to eat and drink, if she was hungry.  Make sure she read the books that she wanted to at night time, etc. 


We even found these sweet cards when we got home…




Purple, because that is my favorite color

cards made by kids on babysitter night - first ever-1 blog


And on the inside, a heart and “I love you”


Bless his heart…

cards made by kids on babysitter night - first ever-2 blog


And Sara’s card, her scribbles say I love you more than you know!

cards made by kids on babysitter night - first ever-3 blog