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Sara all ready for preschool




We got Sara ready for preschool one morning and she just looked so pretty and was in such a happy mood, I asked her if I could take her picture on the front steps.  On warmer days, we put on our shoes outside on these steps and so it’s part of the normal routine.  So, this is why her shoes are undone in the pictures below.  It’s a good way for her to sit somewhat still, since the shoes aren’t completely on yet…


She loves the camera lens cap and just had to have a game of peek!   What a beautiful little girl!


She actually let me do her hair on this day and it was very particular…  Pink pony tail holder and when I suggested a sparkly purple barrette, she said that she needed a black one too!  So there you have it!  Her hair is getting so long, that I’ve been trying to put it up with something, either a pony tail, pig tails or barrettes just to keep it out of her eyes.  Most days I’m successful for about 10 minutes, but this days work stayed around a while!


After we did her hair, I asked if she wanted to come see in the mirror and she either nods yes or actually says “yes”, or both.  We looked in the mirror and we say how pretty she looks and she gets the biggest smile on her face!  It is really fun to hear her say the word pretty also, she knows what that means and has started saying it in the context of other things now.  Her talking is exploding right now!


Sara ready for preschool-1 blog


Sara ready for preschool-2 blog


Sara ready for preschool-4 blog


She loves the dogs' leashes.  She knows which one is which and loves taking them for a walk.  Well, Bella at least!  Rock has about 50-60 lbs on her!

Sara ready for preschool-8 blog