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February Garden



I totally have Spring fever and I’m ready to see some Spring growth, but I thought I take a moment to look at the winter garden.  It’s a good chance to see how everything is going and how the “garden bones” are stacking up.  It’s been ~2.5 years since we put in the new gardens and things are coming along nicely. 


All of those smaller shrubs in the new garden area are growing well and are going to fill in the area in the next few years.  I’m so happy we did this garden renovation and added on.  The lawn is much better and easier to mow, the gardens make sense now, and there is just that intangible feng-shui about it all.  It just feels right. 


Winter garden-2 blog


And, of course, there are some really lovely things happening in the garden right now with bright brilliant colors, textures, flowers, patterns, forms and shapes.   As beautiful as it is, I’m ready for Spring to be here!


Winter garden-5 blog


Winter garden-6 blog


Winter garden-7 blog


Winter garden-8 blog


Winter garden-9 blog


Winter garden-10 blog


Winter garden-11 blog


Winter garden-12 blog